20 of our Favorite Board Games for Families!

As you area about to see, we play a lot of board games in my family. Many of the games listed we own and have played, the others are all highly rated games perfect for kids and adults alike! So your search for a game to play on your upcoming family game night, can end now! Because the Busy Kids Zone has done all the hard work of researching games for you. We have included a mix of game for both little ones just learning to play, to older kids that want more of a challenge. Plus they are all fun for adults to play along.

We have included affiliate links for these game, and you can trust that they are all of high quality and approved by the Busy Kids Zone family!. We use any proceeds from our affiliates to help keep the reviews, recipes, games, and fun coming to you each week. Thanks and enjoy your next game night!

Sequence for Kids

If you are looking for a simple game that can be played by even the youngest gamers, Sequence is for you! Players take turns laying down a card, then placing their colored chip on the animal that corresponds with their card. Match four in a row and they win! But there are also cards to take others chips and get a free play. So the game may be simple, but once the kids get the hang of things, they can start figuring out their own strategy. My kids love this game, and it’s the perfect kind of game for introducing your little ones to board games of all kinds. Get this as your kids first game, and you won’t be sorry you did, until they beat you every time! $14.99 at last check.


Blokus is all about placing tiles, making the corners touch, and trying to take over as much territory as you can with your color. The game is simple on the surface, and easy for little ones to try, but there is great strategy involved once you get the older ones playing. Our nephew has this game and we always get a game going when we visit. Perfect for 2-4 players and a short playtime. So it’s perfect for playing a few rounds, getting a quick game in, and playing with the family. This is a smart, strategic, and challenging game, but at the same time simple enough for grade schoolers. Enjoy! $15.99 at last check.


The name may be silly, but the game is not! Qwirkle is a strategy game about building lines of colors and shapes. Easy to understand rules will allow those as young as 6 to take part, but will give older kids and adults a challenge when they start to link together longer and more involved patterns. This is a great game for introducing kids to games like chess and other more in depth strategic games. Qwirkle will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and thinking ahead. Skills that every child needs to learn! We have this on our list of games to buy and hopefully we can report back with news of tons of fun. But judging from the reviews on Amazon, it’s a great game for families. $19.95 at last check.

The Sneak, Snacky Squirrel Game

Both my kids have played The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game! since they were young and it’s a hit in our house! This game is absolutely simple and completely cute! PLayers take turn spinning the spinner, then following the simple rules associated with the picture. Each player uses a cute Squirrel squeezer to pick up colorful acorns and place them on their tree! The idea is to race to fill your stump with an acorn of each color. But watch out sometimes you spin and get skipped, steal another player’s acorn, or even get caught in the wind and lose all your acorns!!! This is one of the best game for little ones, and I highly suggest giving it a try for your kids. Luckily my youngest is still little enough to want to play this one, because it’s super fun!

Pie Face!


Pie Face! You have probably seen this game on YouTube videos and TV. And for good reason. It’s hilarious and as simple as it comes. Take turns spinning a number, then turn the handle the amount of times shown on the spinner. If you survive, with no whip cream on your face, then you score points! But sometimes, and without warning, the trap will spring and you’ll get pie in the face! Everyone has a blast playing this, and the kids love it. But do be prepared for a mess, and we have found that having a wet towel on hand will make things much easier to deal with. Because this game can get sticky fast! Only $10.99 at time of writing!!!

There is also a two player version where teams battle to Pie the other player! Check this out Pie Face Showdown!

Charades for Kids

Charades can be played with pen and paper, or just your imagination, but this Charades for Kids board game is perfect for bringing the classic game of pretend to little ones. Simple and colorful pictures and words make this easy for kids of all ages. Each card has a picture that little ones who cannot read are able to act out, however there are also three word choices included for older children and more challenges. 150 cards and 450 choices make then a game your family can play again and again. You do need 3 or more players! Was on sale for $12.50 at time of writing.


Sorry is not only one of the most affordable games on the list, it’s also a classic! And for good reason. This is a strategy, battling, and exciting game of trying to get all of your pawns home before the other players. But watch out! Everyone can get knocked away, and sent back to the start! Sorry! There are a few versions available, but the link product was $10 at last check. You can also package this game with another classic board game for more savings.

Race to the Treasure!

This game is made by a super creative company called Peaceable Kingdom . All of their games are geared for children and highly reviewed. So check out their other games, another is listed below in my list, and find the perfect one for your family! A feature I love about this game, and other family games, is the cooperative play. In this game players work together to beat the Ogre to the treasure. Either everyone works together and beats the Ogre, or you all get beat together. These types of games are great for little ones, and we love playing co-op board games in our family. This is a perfect one to get their feet wet, but have tons of fun for everyone. $15.99 at last check.


There are two classic versions of this all time favorite. One is an Amazon exclusive made by Milton Bradley, and that is the one pictured above. Also there is a version made by Hasbro, and was a few dollars cheaper at last check. Everyone has seen, played, or at least know how this one works so you already know what you are getting. There is a reason Operation is a classic, and once you open the box and are taken back to your childhood, you’ll realize why this game is so well known. Always fun, exciting, and challenging. If you’d like a change from the original game, there are tons of new branded ones available, check these out. Star Wars, Trolls, and even Minions! $19.99 and $16.50 at last check, plus lots of cheaper and more expensive options.

King of Toyko

This game is so much fun, and perfect for introducing elementary school age kids to more advanced games. But don’t let that scare you away. The rules are easy to follow, and after a game or two, you and your family will be off and running. Each player picks a monster to play as, and players take turns rolling dice, playing power cards, and collecting rewards. One player becomes the King of Tokyo and the rest of the players take turns battling to become king or stop the ruler. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay fun and different every time. Plus if you really want to step things up there are multiple Expansion Packs available to extend the game for even more fun and challenge. We love this game and know your family will to. $30 at last check and worth the price. I love supporting great game makers!

Apples to Apples

If you haven’t played the classic Apples to Apples yet, then the time is now! This game is absolutely a must play, and a blast every time. Plus the more people playing the more exciting, so break this one out at your next holiday party. Now there is a Junior game that is perfect for little ones, but still full of excitement like the grown up version. To play, a new player (the Judge) each round lays a card face up in the middle, their card has a simple word on the face. Next all the other players lay one of their red apple cards down, and hope that the judge finds their card combination the best. The gameplay is super simple, but new and hilarious every time. This game is a no brainer, so add it to your collection!

Richard Scarry’s Busytown – Eye Found it Game!

We love the Richard Scarry games. We currently have this game as well as Busytown Airport and love both of them. However I have one complaint after playing these game a lot, they are not very durable. So be forewarned that the cardboard will bend, break, and come apart if your kids are active and animated like mine! Even though the planes in our Busytown Airport game are a wreck, we still play them all the time! Busytown Eye Found It, the game featured here, is however made better and with less cardboard parts to break. So buy it with confidence. Your kids will love it, and they games usually have extra rules to play them cooperatively as well as against each other. We love Busytown and your kids will too! $23,94 at last check.

Connect 4

Connect 4 is as simple and classic as games come. Just drop your colored disks into the plastic gameboard and hope to win! This is great for all ages, and I have found that every elementary school age kid loves this game. There is a reason this is the #1 selling game on Amazon, at last check. It is affordable, and always fun. Plus the game play time is short, so it’s easy to play a game and not have to schedule out a large block of time. There is also a small and travel safe version called Grab and Go. It’s perfect for road trips and keeping the kids entertained on the go. Have fun and Connect Four! $7.99 for the classic version and $7.80 for the grab and go at last check.


This awesome game is currently hiding in my closet for Christmas. But i may give it to the kids on Christmas Eve so we can have some holiday gaming fun! Every player puts a headband on, then places a simple card on the front. There is a word as well as a picture, so even younger non readers can play along. Then you take turns asking yes and no questions to try and guess what card is on your head! So much fun and endless hours of gameplay. I love games with high replay value and this one seems to fit the bill. Plus is gets the kids minds working and rewards good question asking skills. This is a great one and affordable. One sale for $12 at last check, and can usually find if on sale somewhere!


Kids and adults alike love Jenga. The stacking game is simple and can be played alone or with as many players as you’d like. It’s perfect for parties and getting everyone involved in the game. I have never played a round of Jenga and not been smiling and laughing the whole time. At last check this version was under $8, so its a great affordable game to get the kids busy. Plus if you want to take it to the next level there are tons of other off brand versions. Check these out! Giant Jenga and Colorful Jenga. There is a version for every house and occasion!

Yeti in my Spaghetti

Oh no! There’s a Yeti in my Spaghetti! This game is a turned base game where players attempt to remove pieces of plastic spaghetti and try to not let the Yeti fall on the plate. The gameplay is very simple and similar to the classic Kerplunk game where you try to not let the marbles fall! Kids will love trying to carefully get their pieces, and everyone will be on the edge of their seats. At last check this cute game was on sale for under $8, and that’s a great deal for the large amount of fun and replayability this game comes with.

Mermaid Island

Here is another winner from Peaceable Kingdom. I love the colors and cute images of this game and the simple and fun gameplay don’t disappoint. With only a 15-20 minute playtime, the game is perfect for little ones short attention spans. The gameplay is a turn based strategy game, where players take turns trying to cooperatively beat the evil sea witch. But don’t worry it is not scary in any way. Perfect for small kids, but enjoyable enough that the older ones will want to join in the fun as well. $15.99 at last check, and a great price to pay for supporting a great game maker!

Castle Panic

This game may look a little advanced but once you start, you quickly realize that while there are a lot of rules they are all simple, explained perfectly and lead to hours of fun. My 7 year old loves this game, and has been playing since he was 6. The gameplay is turn based,and played can either work together to stop the monsters from taking the castle or try and defend it yourself and become the Castle master. Each turn the players move enemies, defend the castle from attacks, and dish out their own attacks. The graphics are awesome, and the game play even better. We spend hours playing this game and every time is different. We choose to always work together and even if our castle gets destroyed we still love it! This is a winner and highly recommended for more serious board game players. There are some great expansions too, so you’ll be playing this game for a long time to come.

Monopoly Junior

I love Monopoly, all the fun versions, and couldn’t wait to share it with my kids. This Junior version is perfect for little ones, and takes the classic Monopoly game play and gives it a simple and easy to learn twist. But don’t worry, even though it’s for younger players, it’s still loads of fun for adults. I love playing this with my kids, and we are currently playing on the set I had as a child. Luckily though there are two great versions for sale on Amazon. The one I linked above was $12.79 at last check and there is also an Amazon Exclusive, with awesome art and characters, for $14.99 at last check. Both will lead to hours of competitive fun, and I know your family will have a blast. Just don’t get mad when your kids beat you! And as with most of the Hasbro games, there are tons of branded versions, so you’ll likely see some of your childrens favorite characters available. Like Frozen, Cars, and Dory!


This cute game is on my short list for another Christmas present. Kingdomino is a simple strategy game where players compete to make the best little kingdom. If you have ever played classic dominoes the idea will be very familiar, but with a fantastic twist. The game pieces are awesome and the gameplay is very fun. Lots of replay value in this game and wonderfully thought out. I love it, and am sure you will to. Only $16.50 at last check, and well worth the price. Just check out the perfect 5 star rating! It’s a winner!


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