11 Thanksgiving Games to Play While Waiting for the Feast!

Worried about having unruly and bored children on Thanksgiving? No need to fret! Busy kids zone has you covered this year with a list of amazing games to pass the time. Each game is simple, easy to prep, and full of fun! With these DIY ideas, you can be sure that your whole family will be not only have a great time, but spending quality time together. So get ready to make some memories and have a thankful day!

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Shooting Turkey Balloons with Nerf Guns!

This is an easy one that everyone will have a blast partaking in! Who doesn’t love shooting Nerf guns? All you need to do is get some orange balloons, draw cute Turkey’s with points on them, and take aim! A Girl and a Glue Gun created this simple idea that will help your family pass the day, and maybe get a little active to shake off those Turkey Day calories. You can either fill them with Helium or tape them on walls and tables, the choice is yours. And if you are short of Nerf guns, I have news for you! We picked a few of my sons favorites and linked them here for you. Don’t be put off by the small one on my list, it is absolutely one of our favorites. Shoots far and powerful for such a small Nerf gun.

Nerf Gun Suggestions: Nerf Triad(Small One!), Nerf RoughCut, Nerf Rebelle Cornerstrike (For the ladies!)

Thanksgiving Table Printable

This isn’t quite a game, but I included the sweet idea from Yellow Bliss Road, because it is just nice. With the free printable, that is listed on their website, you can leave a small card on each persons plate. They then answer the question on the card, and everyone then shares their answers! It will be a sweet and awesome way to make your day more memorable. And after you all feel good about each other, you can be sure that everyone will expect to see the cards next year! So you just started a sweet tradition. Good for you! Make sure to have some quality cardstock, and don’t just use printer paper, you’ll want something with some weight and thickness to make the cards special and durable!

Stuff the Turkey!

Kid Friendly Things To Do really cracked me up with this game! Don’t let the amazing picture put you off, this is really pretty easy to make! All you need is a large paper sack, a couple smaller lunch sized ones, some tissue paper, glue gun, and a little time! Once finished you will have a hilarious game, that the kids are going to love. More than likely you have some large grocery store bags around, and the blogger suggests carefully turning it inside out to hide the ugly advertisements. I love that idea. Also if you have a kids class party, or gathering planned, make a few of these and you’ll have a way to keep lots of little hands busy! Which gives you more time to eat desserts! Enjoy.

Pin the tail on the Turkey

The classic pin the tail on the Donkey, has taken a turn for the holidays! Living Well Mom has included links and full instructions for creating your own Turkey pin board. And if you have read any of my other blogs, you’ll know that I am a sucker for crafts with googly eyes, so this one is perfect for me! Also I think you will be surprised when you see how big this guy is! I know I was when I scrolled down their website and saw that the Turkey is huge! Perfect for making sure the little ones don’t miss and pin the tail on the dog! Have fun and be safe!

Roll a Pumpkin Free Printable

I love free printables and love cute games just as much. This game from Happy Home Fairy is perfect for Halloween, but pumpkins are still around for Thanksgiving, so feel free to use this one for both holidays. I think your kids will love doing it over and over. Each person draws a blank pumpkin on their paper, you can of course print these or draw them yourself, but having the kids make their own will be a fun activity. Then grab a pair of DICE and get to rolling! Each number corresponds with a number and activity on the printable. At the end, each player will have a unique and hilarious drawing to show off! And if you use nice paper, you can save these and show them off year after year, and then in a few years you’ll have an amazing collection of memories! Love it.

Turkey Tail Feather Tag!

Teach Beside Me has a site full of great ideas for kids and this one is a winner. She includes directions on how to make your own tail feathers for each player, and instructions on what to do after they are ready. You attached colorful feathers to clothes pins, then after they dry, you pin one on each player and they run around trying to steal the others tails! Hilarious, active, and tons of fun. This is a perfect way to fight off the Turkey Day sleeps and get moving! My kids love tag and this takes it to a new holiday level of special. I keep a bag of clothespins around for just this sort of thing, so get a bunch and you’ll be happy to have them around! Promise. They are awesome for hanging up your kids art on string!

Thanksgiving Bingo – Free Printable

I am going crazy with printables on this list, and that’s because they are simple and fun. Perfect for busy days like Thanksgiving. You can print a bunch off, let the kids go wild, and get a break from being busy! Crazy Little Projects created a cute and fun bingo to give your kids a special activity. There is a card of each picture included, and after you give the players their card, you draw the pictures from a bowl and get to playing bingo! It’s easy and fun and kids can handle running this game on their own. So get to printing and let them go wild!

Thanksgiving Charades

Charades is a favorite game in my household and we love playing Headbandz as a family! It’s a great game. But his free printable version of charades is Thanksgiving themed and perfect for a day of fun. I Can Teach My Child has been featured on our site a bunch, and this one is another winner from one of our favorite blogs. Each person will take turns acting out their word, and I love that it will get everyone laughing and being creative. Also, and most sites with free printables have this, there are options for tons of different holidays. So save them for later and you’ll have a quick and easy way to have some fun each and every holiday of the year. This is also a perfect classroom game!

Thanksgiving Mad Libs!

I was obsessed with Madlibs as a kid, and had countless MadLib (there are Junior MadLibs for little ones!) books to play with my friends and siblings. Hours of fun were had filling them out and dying laughing at the results. Now with this amazing printable from Small Stuff Counts, you can bring the word fun to Thanksgiving! I am impressed with the creativity that went into making these, so please give the creators thanks, but checking out their whole great site! Print these and hand them out with pencils after the dinner is over, and the whole family can have a blast creating hilarious stories to share with the table. I love this and am planning on using it this year with my extended families celebration. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Hunt!

The Dating Divas don’t just dish out dating advice for married couples, they create amazing ideas that could become a family tradition! The idea with this free printable, is that you hide small Turkey medallions, cut from printables, around the house and/or yard and let the little ones go on a Turkey Hunt! Card stock is of course recommended, and I would also suggest putting the medallions onto something thicker to make sure they can handle being hidden and found over and over. Because if your kids are anything like mine, you won’t be doing this game just once! After they find all the Turkeys, you could have a little sweet surprise or reward. Either way they are going to have tons of fun!

The Gratitude Game!

This game is from Teach Beside Me, featured for a second time on this post! The idea is to play pick up sticks and each color stick corresponds with a color and question on the guess what? Free printable. I sure hope you have enough printer paper after reading through these. The colors are simple and a great way for little ones to be involved, and the questions are easy for them to answer. I love how sweet and kind this game is, and honestly it is perfect for a day that is about being Thankful. I hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy!



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