14 Great Children’s Thanksgiving Books

We love to read in my house and are always on the hunt for the next family favorite. We also love traditions and having a special book that your read on holidays is a great way to start a new tradition in your family. These 15 books are perfect for starting your own Thanksgiving reading tradition. I included a couple we have at our house, and a bunch more that look super fun. There should be a book for everyone!

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Before we into the pages of Thanksgiving books. I figured I should include a link to the two Amazon Tablets that are perfect for sharing your favorite books. First the classic Amazon Kindle, I own one and use it to read while waiting in line to pick up my kids from school. I love how simple and easy it is to load books and toss in my bag. Also there are a few price points for the Kindle, so there should be one in your price range! Or if you’d rather have something a bit more robust, the Amazon Fire Tablet is great for those wanting apps, video, and more options. What I love it that the Fire Tablet is affordable! Especially perfect for kids since if they break it, you won’t be completely broke! Now on to the books. Enjoy!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


The classic Thanksgiving TV special ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is recreated in this amazing book. Perfect for gathering the whole family around and having a quiet and entertaining story time on Thanksgiving. I love the idea of reading the story after dinner when everyone is full and tired. What a perfect way to cap of a day of family fun! There is a reason this is first on my list. Do you kids a favor and keep this book around for years to come, I promise it will be one of your families favorite traditions. Oh and while you are at it, complete the Charlie Brown Holiday Trilogy and get A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Price was $7.50 for paperback/ $6.99 Kindle, at time of writing.

10 Fat Turkeys


Just the cover of this book cracked me up, but upon looking further I found it’s a hilarious rhyming story, counting down from 10! Perfect for little ones learning to count, but engaging enough for older kids. The animation is vibrant and engrossing, so each page is full of fun. “Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble”, leads each number to the next, and your kids will be full of anticipation at what the next page will bring! Your kids will ask for this funny and simple story year after year.  If you want a fast read with lots of action this is perfect. At time of writing the paperback was only $3.99 and a great Board Book for only $6.99.

Run, Turkey, Run!


This story of a large turkey trying to hide from a hungry farmer is in the classic style of many other small children’s books. Where will the animal hide next? In the barn? With the cows… You get the idea and have surely read similar stories to your little ones. And that is why this is great. It’s familiar, fun, and has great images. Run, Turkey, Run gets our seal of approval and was only $6.18 at time of writing. Enjoy.

Turkey Trouble


Poor Turkey doesn’t want to end up on the dinner table. But how will he get away? Well in Turkey Trouble, the main character decides to disguise itself as anything other than the main course. Will Turkey find the perfect disguise? Only one way to find out. Add this fun story to your family tradition for only, $7.99 for hardback, and discover for yourself if this Turkey will get a pardon! Great for elementary school age kids!

Being Thakful


Like so many I grew up with Mercer Mayer books! Little Critter always teaches a good lesson and I love sharing memories from my childhood with my kids. Being Thankful is the perfect example of why these books are still so popular to this day. The drawings are cute, colorful, and instantly recognizable. These stories are safe, sweet, and perfect for kids of all ages. Thanks to my mother, I still have a stack of original Little Critters to share with my kids, and they love them. So if you are looking for a wholesome story to share with your kids this holiday season, look no further! Paperback is only $3.99 at time of writing.

Llama Llama Give Thanks


Llama Llama Red Pajama was an instant classic that has now spawned into a bevy of great books for kids. If you haven’t read the Original, it’s most definitely worth adding to your kids book collection. But then go ahead and dive into the holiday books! Llama Llama Gives Thanks is perfect for little ones. With short and easy to read rhyming text, this book is great for toddlers and those with short attention spans. And you will love hearing your kids ask to read it again! I love board books and this on is only $5.68 at last check, so don’t hesitate to add a little Llama to your life!

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!


This poor old lady can’t stop swallowing things! I had never heard of these before, but there is a whole series of “There Was An Old Lady” books. She has swallowed everything from Frogs and Flies to Snow and Bells. So there should a book for every season. But if you are wanting a hilarious and easy to read story for Thanksgiving, this one is perfect. This is a super silly book and would be a fun addition to your holiday. $6.28 at time of writing.

Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving


Pete the Cat is an absolute favorite in my family, and my son’s favorite book series. This Thanksgiving edition will be added to his collection this year, and  I cannot wait to surprise him. We pretty much buy every Pete book so this is a no brainer for us! Pete books teach great lessons are funny and have a super unique animation. Pete the Cat is super cool and you can be too when you bring this book out this Turkey day. Go ahead and get it, your kids will thank you. Like all Pete the Cat books they are affordable paperbacks, $6.29 a time of writing. I also love this Pete the Cat: Snow Days that is easy for those kids who are learning to read! My son loves showing off his reading skills with Pete!

The Night Before Thanksgiving


Everyone has heard of the The Night before Christmas, but what about The Night Before Thanksgiving? This book follows along with a family the night before the big day, and shows how they prepare food, welcome guests, and create a home full of cheer and thankfulness. With simple text and eye pleasing animation. This is the perfect wholesome book for the whole family. Gather your kids around and share the fun this year. Only $4.97 at time of writing.

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks is not only the title of this sweet book, but the reason for the day! No matter how you celebrate, this simple book is great for reminding the kids that we should all be thankful for something. Easy to read and share a quiet moment with the kids, I love this book and we have it in our collection. So go ahead and share this book on giving thanks with your kids, knowing it has the busy kids seal of approval. And what’s even better is the price, only $3.99 at last check!

Just a Special Thanksgiving


More Mercer Mayer. Why? Because I love the animation so much. This one is not only special in name, but also in that it includes 20 stickers. And if your kids are anything like mine, they are drawn to anything that includes stickers! Just get ready to have them all over the house. I love books that have a great message, and this is the perfect example. Take out the sticker sheet, and let the kids add their own little stickers to each page as you read along. Getting them involved is fun, and keeps them engaged! $4.24 is a perfect price point, and great way to get the kids reading on Thanksgiving.

Thanks for Thanksgiving


Thanks! I don’t think I have every typed that word so much! But it’s a good one to have on repeat. I love that this cute little book includes a place to write your thankful thoughts. So after reading you can have your child share what they are thankful for and have a lasting memory to read each time your bring this book out! I love it. This book is about reminding us what makes each day special, and you can include this book in that list! Paperback is only $6.99 and also comes in a board book!

The Berenstain Bears: Give Thanks


Look familiar? Of course it does! the Berenstain bears are a perennial favorite and have delighted millions of kids! Myself and my children included. Wholesome, sweet, funny, and classic. You cannot go wrong adding and of these books to your kids collections. These books are perfect for those wanting to share their faith with their children, but also great for anyone wanting a wholesome and easy to digest story with their little ones. $3.99 for this can’t be beat.

The Thanksgiving Story


I love the classic and vintage feel of the drawings in this book. If you want to share the classic story of Thanksgiving, this is a great way to do so. May be a little much for the smaller ones, but tells of how the pilgrims struggled to cross the ocean and survive their first winter in a new land. If you are not wanting to continue the traditional story of Thanksgiving or want to share both sides of the story, this one may not be for you. But it’s a great reminder what being thankful and the importance of family. So give it a shot if you want to share the basic story of the pilgrims with your children. $7.66 at time of writing.


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