12 Thanksgiving Treats for the Kids Table!

The time has come for families and friends to gather around the house and stuff themselves full of delicious treats. Too often though the little ones are forgotten about, and left having to eat their parents pies and BORING adult treats. My kids like pie, but you know what they love more? Cute, interesting, and most importantly of all sweet holiday surprises. Below are 12 amazing ideas pulled from some of my favorite blogs and websites. Many will have their own affiliate links to follow, and if they do not or I have an idea that may help your creating adventure, I have included trusted and well reviewed affiliate links of my own. Happy Holidays and have fun getting the family together and creating not only amazing desserts, but lasting memories.

Note: Many of the ingredients for these awesome recipes can be found for great deals through Amazon Prime Pantry.  If you are like me and love the ease of ordering online, having certain ingredients and food items shipped Prime from Amazon is amazing. Check it out! I love it.

Turkey Veggie Tray


This idea from Eating Richly is perfect for when you want to make an impression, but also don’t want to spend hours baking! All you need is a tray, your favorite veggies, and a great dip. The blogger used ranch dressing, but also suggests pairing the vegetables with hummus. Which would be my choice, as I can’t get enough hummus in my life. There are tons of great veggie dip options as well, so you’ll have tons of ways to eat your veggies and hopefully get the kids to eat a bunch as well! Also while you are checking out their site, scroll down to the bottom half and they have tons of other veggie tray recipes for all your holiday and party needs!

Easy Apple Pie Cookie Recipe


This recipe is a tiny take on the classic apple pie. My kids are not big fans of fruit pies, but this is a smart and easy way to get them into the world of holiday pies! I love cookies, so this one will get a test in my kitchen soon.  Passion for Savings has you lay out the mixed ingredients on a Cookie Sheet and cut the circles from the single large sheet. I love that idea to save the time of trying to cut and lay small pieces of lattice on each cookie. Plus the recipe calls for store bought Caramel Topping and pre made apple pie filling (not sure where to purchase, but I’ll have a look at my local grocery store). This is an easy way to make a decadent treat and maybe you can feel good about your waist line and only eat one! Haha. Just kidding. Who can only eat one cookie?

Chocolate Acorns! Amazing!


Alright I saw the picture of these and was already prepared to bake my own little cookie tops to create these amazing treats, but when I read the top is made from Mini Vanilla Wafers, I was floored! So easy and they are the cutest. All you need to make these are Semisweet chocolate chips, Hershey’s Kisses, mini milk chocolate chips, and mini vanilla wafers! Super easy, affordable, and impressive. Bellyfull has you melt the semisweet chips to use as glue to attached all the pieces together, then let dry and you and your’s are ready to snack! Love it. Imagine taking these to your kids class party!

Fall Cornucopia for Kids!


Daily DIY Life invites you to get the kids together and create these cute and simple treats. Perfect for parties, small Halloween get togethers, and having fun with the little ones. They have links, instructions, and perfect pictures to help you along the process, and it will be an easy one. Just fill small sugar cones with a mix of fall colored candies. They used Reese’s Pieces and Candy Corn mix. Then when they are filled, and most of them eaten by your kids! You can wrap them in baggies and tie them off with some orange or brown ribbon. These will be a hit with kids and everyone will be impressed with your DIY skills.

Mini Pumpkin Pie Pops


Pie on a stick!? Yes please, sign me up. These may look like a chore, but when you are using store bought pie crust, it makes the whole process much easier. I love making my own crusts, it’s easy once you do it a few times, but in a pinch store bought ones are just as good! One Little Project (Again! They rule!) shows you step by step how to create little dollops of pumpkin pie filling, attached them to your sticks and delight your guests! They even include a small and easy recipe to make your own Maple Syrup Icing drizzle! But if you want to save more time, why not serve these with a bowl of whip cream and let guests ad their own little smear of fluffy whipped cream! Either way they are amazing and making an appearance at my Thanksgiving.

Harvest Caramel Corn


I love popcorn. I love candy. I love caramel corn. I love this! Like a lot. I can’t stop thinking about how salty and sweet this will be. Seriously I hate how bad I want this in my life. Two Sisters Crafting have an amazing video to help you create your own Harvest Caramel Corn and the ingredient list is simple and affordable. Don’t be put off by having to create your own Caramel for drizzling over the popcorn. It’s a simple process and the final result is well worth the extra time taken to make. I prefer to use metal mixing bowls for sticky tasks like this, they clean up easy with warm water, and the non stick bottoms make mixing an breeze. These have Rolo’s in them! Crazy. That is all. You know you need this. Think about how perfect this treat would be for a holiday themed movie night!

Mini Pecan Pies


I don’t know what the mini pie craze is all about but I am not complaining. I love pies and a mini grab and go pie is perfect. These little crunchy pies from Live Well Bake Often are the cutest. Grab your Non Stick Muffin Pan, and get to baking! You can use either store bought or homemade crust, and they have a link to make your own on their website. I really suggest giving it a shot. You’ll be impressed with the result and so will everyone else! They also have a link to their perfect pecan pie filling, which you use to drop in your small 3 inch sized cut pie crust. Then it’s just baking and waiting to cool! They also mention that these guys freeze well! So make extra so you can have an amazing treat stored for later! Enjoy.

Popcorn Turkey Treat Bags


I often get so excited about making all these treats, that I forget to include simple and little recipes that the kids can help with. I mean the kids can help bake a pie, but they lose interest when they don’t get to taste and get their hands dirty. So this classic project is perfect for getting everyone involved. Life is Poppin first has you poppin some corn! Haha. Then just fill up clear disposable gloves, tie them off, and bam! You have a sweet Thanksgiving treat! Cut out little eyes and beaks, or use Googly Eyes, and your kids will delight in the hilarious final product. Just try not to get sad when you see how fast your kids then rip them open to get at the treats!

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins


Some treats just make me smile and these have me grinning from ear to ear. So cute, and if you’ve ever had a chocolate covered pretzel you know, so delicious. I Heart Nap Time just as much as the creator of these snacks, so maybe you can take advantage of your next moment of quiet and create a memorable snack. The directions have your melt then color White Chocolate to turn it the perfect pumpkin orange. Make sure to have enough good Food Coloring on hand, and if you feel extra craft, go ahead and make the small green leaves as well! These are easy to make, but will take a bit of time to dip and dry each little treat, but the result will be so worth it! Try these for your next get together and watch how blown away your guests are.

Pumpkin Mini Cakes


Preppy Kitchen has me dying to get in the kitchen to start baking with this insanely cute and dynamic mini treat. I can’t get over not only how amazing these look, but how good they look like they’ll taste. Out of all the treats I have in this list, these pumpkin cakes are going to take the most time. But as you can see, they are probably the coolest. If you can pull these off, I guarantee anyone who eats and sees them will be talking about them for days! I want to make them for my families Thanksgiving and bring them out as a surprise! Read the directions carefully and make sure you have all your ingredients and tools ready for about an hour of prep and baking time. I tend to move a little slower in my cooking, so I figure I can get about 10-12 of these guys done in about 90 minutes. Perfect for a small get together. Seriously love these!!!!! While you’re on their website, have a look at their other ideas. Preppy Kitchen is pretty impressive.

Rice Krispie Turkey Legs


My son saw these hilarious and delicious treats from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons, and is begging to help me make them. We love Rice Krispie treats in our house and these may have to make a holiday appearance. And now that I am thinking about it. These would be amazing for Halloween. Just add some food coloring to the Rice Krispie’s and turn them Orange and Ghouly Green. Spooky fun! But on their own, they are perfect treats for the kids table on Thanksgiving! Pretzel rods paired with White candy melts and Mini Marshmallows are how you make the bones, so don’t fret that these will be difficult. It’s as simple as melting and pressing them together. These looks tough to make, but are really pretty simple, and the kind of treat to make memories with!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in a Turkey Jar!


Inside BruCrew Life shows you how to make your very own professional looking Pretzel Rods in a cute and festive turkey bowl. If you have looked through my other posts, you’ll know that I have suggested buying yourself a big bag of Googly Eyes on more than one occasion. And see! You need them. I linked to some earlier in this post, so go ahead and get them. You and your sense of humor will thank me later! If you don’t have a wide mouth Glass Bowl, I linked a good one from Amazon. Then all you have to do is follow along their simple instructions, and you’ll be on your way to making an amazingly easy and dynamic center piece for the kids table! Or the adults table, because who doesn’t love a fun chocolaty treat! Especially during the holidays! Enjoy!


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