10 Spooky Halloween Treats!

Spooky treats are the name of the game this time of year, and I have pulled together 10 that will not only satisfy the families sweet tooth, but be perfect for your next Halloween party! These recipes are taken from some of my favorite blogs and many have links to all the ingredients and items needed to create these super spooky and delicious treats. If I find something missing, or think of a great idea to help your creating along, I will include my own affiliate links. My links are hand picked and only contain well reviewed products that are often times used by my own household. So lets jump right in to the spooky snack fun! Enjoy!

Halloween Sugar Wafers


Sugar wafers hold a sentimental place in my heart. I ate loads of them as a child at my grandmothers house, and while I don’t love them as an adult. I will still eat one without question. These cute treats are perfect for a Halloween party where the kids will want something fast and sugary to grab on the go. Southern Made Simple has links to everything you’ll need to make these, including the candy melts! Who doesn’t love a creamy candy melt! I love them! And while you’re there, check out the idea for what do you with your extra melted candy! It’s amazing. I love it almost more than the one I featured, so why not get enough items to make both, and have a party!

Mini Donut Spiders!


Now this is my kind of treat! And not because it has mini chocolate donuts. But that is a bonus! I can’t help myself, they are a guilty pleasure. Now that I think about it, I am going to find a recipe for a Christmas themed snack that uses the powdered mini donuts! Hurray! Ok but I digress. These are insanely cute, easy, and will be devoured by anyone within arms reach. Grab yourself a bag of M&M’s, some small pretzel twists, and mini chocolate donuts. Then get to creating! They are simple and easy to make, but the final result will impress. Be the hit of your next school party and make these frugal treats! While you’re reading the recipe, go ahead and browse all of It’s Always Autumn, I have used their blog multiple times and this won’t be the last!

Rice Crispy Monsters!


One Little Project gets featured in a lot of my round up’s and for good reason. Wait until you click this link and see their page. Professional, smart, and full of so many amazing ideas! Now onto one of the cutest recipes on my list. This one uses candy melts, and from what I have seen, they are quite popular at the moment. So grab yourself a few extra bags, they have links on their blog to the ones they used. Also make sure, per Onelittleproject’s suggestion, to set them on Parchment Paper after dipping. Oh and make sure to have a good bowl to keep the melted candy in. I use Pyrex Bowls because they are microwave safe, durable, and non stick! The perfect trio for baking! And if you are not up to the task of baking rice crispy treats (don’t worry its’ pretty simple) you can always buy a Rice Crispy Super Sheet and get straight to dipping!

Jack O’ Lantern Float


You can also be the Belle of the Kitchen with this sugary, fizzy, and spooky treat! First off, if you don’t have Halloween Beverage Stickers (Yes those are a thing?!), or are not up to drawing them yourself with Sharpies, get some Halloween Cups and you can cut out half the battle. Ok enough helpful links! Grab your orange Fanta or any orange fizzy drink, a scoop of Vanilla ice cream and bam! You’re ready to party! My son loves orange Fanta, and I think this would be a fun treat for the special occasions when he gets to have one. I may have one as well, as I love a good soda float!

Frozen Boonana!!!


Boonana!! Cracks me up. Skinny Taste will show you how to make your own spooky boonana pops and not only are they super tasty, they are made from healthy bananas! Well maybe they aren’t healthy, but everyone deserves a treat now and then. These are covered in mouth watering White Chocolate, then use Small Chocolate Chips for the eyes. Before you set off on making your treats, make sure to have enough Popsicle sticks on hand to create your pops. After dipping, place them on parchment paper or a non stick pan and FREEZE! After they are hard, you can enjoy! And I know you will. Also note that if you are not a white chocolate person, swap the colors and use milk chocolate for the body, and small white chips for the eyes.

Ghost Kabob’s


I love a good fruit Kabob, so this was a simple no brainer! And if you are like me, you are now asking yourself “How did they draw on that ghost face?” Well I have the answer, straight from Katrina’s Paperie. Food Coloring Markers! Amazing. I have never used the markers before, and would love to try some with more colors than black, but the reviews are hit or miss. I included a link, because the one on the blog was not working at last check. I keep Bamboo Skewers on hand for just this sort of project, and if you have browsed my other round up’s, you’ll know they pop up quite a bit. So make sure to keep them around.  Then all you need is some fruit and big spooky marshmallows. The kids can even get involved and slide all the ingredients on. Just make sure they don’t poke themselves, or even better snip off the sharp ends!

Monster Munch Snack Cup


A Dish of Daily Life grabbed my attention with one ingredient in their awesome little cup of tasty. Candied Pecans! Yes, they are amazing and I need a massive bag of them to eat. She has a link to a recipe for you to make your own (I am going to try this recipe very soon), or you can buy them already made. Either way they are delicious. Then fill the rest with Kettle Corn, Candies, and anything else you’d like to share! I love the gummy worms, super creepy and fun. Pick up a bunch of spooky cups (These were on sale for $17 at time of posting), and get ready to share! A Dish of Daily Life has a recipe for Kettle Corn and I suggest giving it a try. You and the family will be happy you did.

Pretzel Spider Web


Super creative is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw these treats from PopCulture.com. Before their recipe begins, they have a workout video. So I guess they want to inspire you to not only create yummy treats, but put in the extra work to burn off all the calories you’ll be taking in! I love it! You’ll need pretzel rods, white chocolate for melting, and that is it! So cheap and simple. I love the idea of adding some Halloween Sprinkles and giving these an extra pop! Either way everyone will love them and so will your wallet, and if you follow along with the video, your waistline! Like a few of the recipes, these need somewhere to cool and harden. So go ahead and do yourself and kitchen a favor and buy some of these awesome Silicone Baking Mats. I use these and they are a lifesaver.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups


Talk about cute. I love these for class parties! These are a fresh and tasty take on  the classic dirt cup. And they are perfectly spooky for Halloween time. I Can Teach My Child created a simple recipe that the little ones can get involved with, and delight in how dirty the final product looks. The blog has links to each and every item you’ll need to create these, and if you bought the Halloween cups I linked earlier (if not check them out) you can use them for this awesome treat too. My kids saw these and are demanding that I make them, so I guess these will be featured as a special Trick or Treat week dessert. (At last check the links on the blog were not working, but the ingredients are simple and available online and at most big box grocery stores) Enjoy your dirty treat!

Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortilla Bat Crisps


I love anything smothered in Cinnamon and Sugar. What a combo! Simply Recipes shows you how to make these in an expertly crafted video. I love a good video recipe! The Pyrex Bowls I linked earlier are a must have for this recipe as will be a good Baking Sheet. I honestly love the AmazonBasics stuff. You will definitely want Halloween Cookie Cutters, then you can unleash a few spooky shapes to impress your friends and family. Dip the shapes in melted butter, then your cinnamon sugar mix, let sit and they are ready to enjoy! I think a sweet sip would make these even more amazing. Maybe a maple syrup or whip cream! Or if you are really feeling wild, both! Haha. Enjoy and have a Spooky Halloween!


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