16 Fall Crafts for Kids!

Here at the Busy Kids Zone headquarters we love crafts. We also absolutely love fall! Fall is maybe my families favorite time of the year. The changing weather and leaves, break from the heat, football, camping, Halloween. So much to enjoy. So why not grab your crafting gear and have some family DIY Fall fun. I pulled together 16 easy and fun crafts the whole family can enjoy, and that will keep those little hands busy.

A few of the descriptions contain affiliate links, to products to either help or inspire your project.  These links help us keep the site going, and insure that Busy Kids Zone provides the best advice. Enjoy!

Fall Leaves Garland


This fall leaf garland created by A Beautiful Mess looks like something you would see in a designer magazine, but you will love how simple it is. All you need is some fancy felt (they have a link on their blog) and any kind of yarn, thread, or string you like. Grab some scissors, you may want to handle this part, and cut out simple leaf shapes. You could even make a leaf stencil to move things along faster. They have examples of both how thread and yarn look, I personally think the chunky yarn looks like fall for some reason. But it’s up to you and why not try both! It will only take a few minutes to stitch together, so make a few and give some to a friend. These would also be great teacher gifts to display in the classroom. Also feel free to make them as long as you like. I imagine they’d be awesome on a fireplace mantle, or even to hang and display your child’s artwork.

Apple Birdseed Bird Feeder


One of these insanely cute bird feeders is going to be making an appearance in my trees in the next few days! I love this idea, and my kids are going to flip. I can already see them waiting patiently for the local birds to feast. Natural Beach Living uses gelatin and birdseed to make the center ball for the birds to munch on. Then all you need are apples and string to hang. You don’t even need a tree, as you could hang from a fence, gutter, or just sit outside and watch the snacking begin. I have a feeling it won’t take long for this awesome craft to be found and devoured by birds. The blog has links to simple gelatin, and packs of birdseed, so you will find everything you need to complete this perfect fall craft. Love it!

Print and Color Halloween Masks


What kid doesn’t like to color? I know my kids will color about any time of the day. Grab your kids favorite box of crayons or colored pencils, then print of the free printables.  It’s Always Autumn has templates for 4 different masks, so your kids can choose their favorites or color them all! It’s their choice. With a hole punch you can easily make perfect holes to attach soft yarn and create amazing masks. Want to make them last even longer, or give them some durability for wearing out on Halloween? Use a laminator to make these super sturdy. Also make sure to get yourself some heavy weight card stock so the paper isn’t too thin and brittle. These are too cute to pass up!

Fall Fun Leaf Collage


Get out the card stock that you used in the previous project and get ready for another amazing fall craft. Barley and Birch has a printable leaf template if you do not have access to any leaves for this project. But why not make it fun, and take the kids out exploring. Grab a ton of different sizes and colors. Then, and this is cool, make copies of the leaves on your printer to cut out and clue to the page. You could also most definitely use the actual leaves, and even make color copies to keep the amazing fall colors in tact. Either way the end product will be spectacular. You’ll need Mod Podge, glue sticks, tissue paper, and some chalk! This project will be worth of a frame!

Hanging Bat and Branch Craft


My kids think bats are spooky, but not this awesome craft from Buggy and Buddy. They have included links to every item needed to create this perfect Halloween decoration. I love reusing items, and who doesn’t always have an empty toilet paper roll show up in their home. There are not instructions for creating a great fall stick with leaves, but you can either buy on at your local craft store, or make it even more real and find your own stick to use. Pair with a great vase, and you have a spooky decoration that you can use year after year. Just make sure to store it away safely. The googly eyes and little smile on the bat make it so sweet! My kids will love this one.

Candy Corn Flowers!


I may be in the minority on this one, but I love candy corn. Unfortunately my kids do too, so we will be fighting over eating them when we make this simple fall craft. Just make sure not to eat the ones already glued on the page! All you need are pipe cleaners, paper, candy corn, and glue. So simple! The Resourceful Mama also suggests using a cute little button in the middle to give it an extra pop. But if you don’t want to track down orange buttons, which there is a link for in the instructions, you could easily draw a little circle in the middle. Either way it will be a fun craft that even the littlest ones can participate in. Then when you are done, you can share the left over candy corn with the whole family!

Chalk Stenciled Pumpkins


I love simple projects that I can share with my little girl. She loves making art, but has trouble with the big projects. So this messy and easy craft from One Little Project is perfect. You create a stencil ahead of time, then give the little ones some chalk and black paper. After rubbing the chalk over the stencil, use a cotton ball to spread the chalk around to give it an ghostly hue! As with the best blogs, this one has links to everything you need. So I suggest using their links and supporting these awesome creators! You won’t need a lot of items for this project and everything can be bought in bulk so you can make tons of great fall pumpkins! Plus if you have sidewalk chalk laying around, you are already halfway there!

Yarn Pumpkin (This is Awesome)


Another great craft from One Little Project. This one takes a little more work, but is pretty amazing. I am planning on making this one for sure, and storing it safely so I can enjoy it year after year. The final product looks professional made, and like something you would see in a trendy store. But all you need to make your own pumpkin is Yarn, White Glue, Balloons, and a couple Pipe Cleaners. Your kids can help dip and cover the yarn in glue, and I guarantee they are going to love that part! What kid doesn’t like making a little mess? When you are done wrapping your balloon, they suggest hanging it to dry, then when they are cured pop the balloon. Another fun part for the kids! I love this and can’t wait to give it a shot! Onelittleproject.com is amazing!

Fall Tree Paper Craft


I Heart Craft Things has a winner here! And guess what? I love craft things too! Links to great cardstock paper are included in the instructions, and you can prep all the colorful strips ahead of time. Then once you have everything prepared, your kids will be ready to create their little loops and glue them to the blue paper! The final product is a perfect fall tree that will look so cute displayed in your house. If you want to let the kids join in for the preparation, let them cut out the tree shape and glue them down as well. I really like adding the green grass as it really makes the tree pop! Have fun and enjoy!

Fall Tree Snow Globe


Frugal Fun 4 Boys has come up with a fun idea that gets your kids outside and creating! But don’t worry, this craft is perfect for both boys and girls! You will need two Paper plates for each fall globe and in the instructions they use little fall craft leaves. The fall craft leaves are super cute, but I love the idea of letting the kids get outside before hand and having them hunt for the perfect leaves to add once they paint their little brown branches. I suggest have a whole set of Acrylic Paints on hand so that whenever these types of crafts pop up, you are ready! I have a set like the above linked product and it’s perfect to keep around. Also you will need Clear Page Protectors to cut out and glue inside to make the globes clear viewing port. Such a smart idea! You can get a bunch for cheap, so don’t worry about having to buy anything expensive. Enjoy this amazing fall craft!

Painted Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Rocks


Wow! These are so darn cute. I may not be a painter, but these cute painted rocks from Adventure in a Box are simple to create and will be an awesome decoration. Remember that acrylic paint set I linked earlier? Well you’ll be glad I told you to buy it. Because now you really get to put them to use. Also they suggest getting yourself some outdoor safe clear spray paint to make sure these are weather proof. Because I promise once you and the kids finish these, you are going to want to display them outside! It would also be fun to add googly eyes if you’d rather not paint them. That would also be a shortcut and way to get the little guys involved, since they may find painting the small details challenging. Either way this is a winner!

Fun and Easy Leaf People


Here’s another super cute fall craft that will get your kids outside before they sit down to create. Plus this awesome fall fun from My Mommy Style is about as simple as a craft can be. And cheap! Love a frugal craft. All you need to make these are leaves, glue, and paper. Also either a pen for the eyes and mouth, or if you went ahead and got a big pack of googly eyes, they would be perfect here! Most likely, aside from the googly eyes, you would have all the necessary supplies on hand. If you don’t have a tree in your yard, take the kids to your local park and have a fun afternoon of hunting for the perfect fall colored leaves! Make sure to get a ton of leaves, because I promise that your kids are going to want to make a bunch of these cute guys.  I know I already want to make a few myself. If you want to take it to the next level, try adding some small sticks for the arms and legs! Love it.

Paper Strip Apples


Not only do I love the name of this blog, I love these little apples. Fireflies and Mudpies has came up with a perfect little fall craft. Plus they included a template for the small leaves you’ll need to place on top! Then just follow the directions and links to the products they suggest, and you’ll have a whole basket full of these in no time. Even easier there is a link to even the strips you need to cut, so don’t worry about trying to figure out what size anything needs to be. They have you covered! Make sure to have a hole punch and brass fasteners to finish these off, otherwise you just need colorful paper and scissors! Get to crafting!

Paper Plate Scarecrow


This scarecrow won’t be spooking any birds away, but will delight your kids! Super cute. Finding Zest has amazing full color links to all the supplies you’ll need for you and your kids to create this perfect fall craft. These are a little more involved than some of the other projects, but absolutely perfect for a cold fall day when your kids are bored. You will spend some quality time together, and once finished have a craft that you will all proudly want to display. You’ll also thank me when you want to make these, because they use googly eyes! Seriously do yourself a favor and just keep a pack around. Lots of the crafts I link to use them, and the kids love them!

Turkey Cones!


These Turkey Cones from Crafty Morning crack me up. Not only are they hilarious, but they are easy to make and adorable. They have links to the feathers you need, but you’ll also want to get a few colors of Craft Paper. So why not get a big pack and have it on hand. If you love crafts like my family does, you’ll go through it in no time. So keep some in stock. The instructions are simple to follow and you don’t need too much to make these. I am thinking about having my kids make a few of these for Thanksgiving and setting them around the house for when we host our extended family for a day of eating! Pair these guys with the next craft and your Thanksgiving will be full of fall DIY delight! What’s even more fun, is you can use a hole punch and string and turn these guys into fun little party hats! Make a bunch and your kids will be running around gobbling in no time!

Turkey Leaf Lanterns


Rhythms of Play has created some amazing little lanterns that are going to light up your holidays! They have links to each and every item you need to make these fall lights, and I promise that the whole family will love them. Plus any guests you have over are going to think you’re about the most amazing homemaker around! I would suggest using flameless candles, as they don’t put off any harmful smoke or chemicals. Plus they are super cheap and reusable year after year. You’ll need jars, mod podge, and quite a few items to make these, so if you decide to get crafty. Make sure to visit their blog ahead of time and get all your supplies ready. Enjoy crafting and have fun lighting up your home with these!


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