12 Awesome Outdoor Toys for Active Kids!

Getting your kids outdoors and active can be a struggle. But in the times of tablets, consoles, and distractions, it’s more important than ever. I’m lucky to have kids that love playing in the yard, but if your kids need a little extra motivation, I have some great news! Busy Kids Zone has pulled together 12 awesome toys that are sure to get your kids excited to put on their tennis shoes and get to playing. The toys are active, exciting, and most importantly tons of fun! We have owned a couple of these, and played on with a few more, so they get our seal of approval. The below links do contain affiliate links that help keep us going. However they are not chosen at random, and are picked due to their great reviews, our own experience, and the assurance that your family will love them. Enjoy!

The Swurfer Original Tree Swing!


My kids received one of these last Christmas and it was not only their favorite gift, but a well used and amazing toy. We have it hung 20 feet high in a tree in our front yard and my kids swing almost daily. Guess what else? My husband and I love it too. With a weight limit of 250 lbs, we love taking it for a ride as well. Although both of us usually prefer to sit and use it as a traditional swing. But that is what is great about the Swurfer. You can use it to stand and ride like a skateboard, or lower the handles and swing in multiple directions as a traditional swing.

The Swurfer is really an amazing toy. The kit comes with super long rope, handles, stick on pads for the board, and the high quality wood Swurfer.  I suggest grabbing some small rope, and attaching it to the long board rope to make set up even easier. It helps having the extra length to pull the ropes together. There are some great videos to help with installation, but the included instructions are perfect as is. Don’t hesitate on this one, even if you don’t have a giant tree.  The Swurfer can be set up a varying heights! Have a high flying good time!

Jump Power UFO Swing


I love that this UFO swing comes with a heavy duty steel frame, that allows parents to set it up in even the smallest spaces. But in that small package is tons of fun. Perfect size for your little ones, but large enough to fit to small bodies. The recommended age range is 3-8, so this will get years of use. Also has adjustable chains, covered with PVC for safety, so that you can let it grow with your kids! Only available on Amazon, this is a winner. The UFO is a safe alternative to little ones learning to swing, and gets them accustomed to the motions needed for when they are ready to step up to the big kid toys. Give this guy a shot if you are considering a swing for your toddlers and elementary age kids. They’ll love it and you’ll love knowing they are safe and entertained.

Little Tykes Spiralin Seas Waterpark Play Table


I bought this for my son when he was 1. Then my sister in law did the same after her little one spent an entire afternoon playing with ours. Another friend came over with her young daughter and ordered one before leaving! So this is a guaranteed hit. Especially on those long summer days, when you are tired and don’t want to make another trip to the local splash pad. You can usually find this guy on sale, and it is easy on the pocket book, but big on fun. The table comes with a ball for dropping down the large center spiral and using on the small attached toys that encourage your little one to experiment with motion! Also included are 5 little water animals that can be filled with water and used as tiny and easy to squeeze squirt toys. I think this table would be made even more amazing if you surprised your child by adding one of these super cool tiny Fishing Pole and Fish toy! So get ready to get wet! I can promise that this water table with keep little hands super busy and satisfied. We donated ours after both our kids got too big, and I know that the kids who received ours are loving it just as much as mine did! The size is perfect for even the smallest patio, and not much water is needed, so if you do not have an outside spout, it’s easy to fill with a few jugs of water. Have fun and get ready to get wet and wild.

Slackers Zipline!


My son has been wanting a zip line for a couple years now, and I may actually give in this Christmas. We have two perfect trees for this 70 foot zip line, and I think they would have a blast on this fun and super exciting toy! With a weight limit suggest at 250 lbs, although I read other reviews that stated under 200 felt safer, even the older kids can take this fast flying toy for a ride! You will need two sturdy trees for this toy, but some reviewers have had luck burying heavy posts in concrete, however that is not suggested by the manufacturer. The company also sales a Break Kit, as well as a Tree Pad for the end which sound like a great idea.  Another super reviewer used a yoga mat in place of the tree pad, and I love the idea! The kit comes with everything you need to stretch the heavy duty cable between your chosen trees, so you can be up and zipping in no time. With great reviews, tons of answered questions, and high quality materials. This one looks like a winner.

Pacific Play Lady Bug Parachute Tent


Everyone remembers parachute day in gym class. Now your kids can get a head start with this 8 foot lady bug parachute from Pacific Play. Not only is it super cute and easy for little hands, but it will encourage hours of creative play time. Able to be used both indoors and out, your kids are going to love this. The parachute has small handles that make grabbing on and playing simple.  Comes with a small carrying bag, so you can take it on the go. I also love that they suggest using it as ground cover. How fun would this be for a picnic blanket, that after lunch, you turn into a super fun and creative toy! Amazing. If I had toddlers still, so sad they are growing up too fast, this would be a sure buy for my outdoor play days! Made from durable polyester, your kids can go wild and keep this bright and tear free.

Pure Fun Rocker Seesaw!



A perennial favorite, the seesaw is a timeless playground classic. Now you can bring the fun from the park to your own home. This rocker style is simple and easy for even the smallest kids. Can support up to 75 pounds per seat, and the rockers are made from super strong steel. With huge handles and padded back supports, this guy is safe for small children. When looking at see saws I also saw this traditional style one for an even cheaper price and wanted to include it as well. So here’s a bonus Grow’n Up Heracles Seesaw. The Heracles has 360 degree movement, and supports up to 99 pounds. So great for even bigger kids! Either one would be perfect for your children, so if you are in the market, read some reviews and decide which would be the perfect fit for your families at home play ground.

Slackers Ninjaline!


With the ninja warrior craze entertaining families across the globe, your kids can now give the high flying stunts a try themselves. This challenging and crazy take on the monkey bars, will give your kids a workout and test their endurance. Has 7 obstacles that challenge even the most accomplished ninjas. And with a 250 pound rating, maybe you can give it a try too! Just be careful to not get out ninja’d by your kids! Again, like with the Slackers Zipline, you will need some sturdy trees. So if you are lacking on foliage, maybe give the reviews a read to see if this will work in your yard. There are even some amazing accessories you can ad to the line for a bigger challenge, such as this Spinner and this super neat Rope Ladder that would make reaching the Ninjaline a challenge. Have fun ninja’s

Little Tykes Jump n Slide!


What kid doesn’t love a bouncy house, or bounce castle, or blow up jumper! Whatever your family calls them, they are a super hit. Now you can own your very own and give the little ones a turn. As is often the problem at birthday parties featuring a bounce house, the big kids hog it and the little guys never get a good chance. So Little Tykes, the classic seller of great little toys, has these for your home. They come in two sizes, the larger being featured in the picture, and here is a link to the smaller size Jump n Slide for some savings. Whichever size you choose, you can rest assured the heavy duty puncture resistant material will live up to your kids abuse! With included tent stakes, you don’t have to worry about a gust of wind sending it flying off into the neighbors yards. The Jump n Slides come with a continuous and high powered blower, featuring small holes, that assure you wont have blowouts or a decrease in bouncy fun!

Backyard Discovery Timberlake Playhouse


Every kid loves a good playhouse and if you are not the super handy DIY type, this might be the perfect fit for your backyard! Made of cedar and featuring wide open side windows, this is a bright and fun house for your little ones. I love the included front flower pots (flowers not included) and awesome half door. Inside it gets even better. There is included inside a play stove, sink, and phone! Your toddlers are going to go crazy for this, and you’ll likely never get them back inside. The inside roof is 56″ tall and reviews say it can comfortably fit 3 little bodies, so your kids can have some super fun play dates. If you really want to go all out, how cute would adding this Wood Picnic Table out front to complete the cabin feel! If you are in the market for a fun and creative outdoor play place, this could be a perfect fit!

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber!


Our neighbors bought one of these for their 6 year old and not only is it super cool looking in the backyard, they are having tons of fun! I love the colors, but love the active play it encourages. I can already see kids throwing blankets over the top and creating a super neat backyard tent! With a 600 pound capacity, 10 foot diameter, and 5 foot height, kids of all ages can have a blast. The heavy duty metal is weather and rust resistant, also powder coated to give it a cool sheen. At each joint around the climber are thick and easy to grab climbing grips that help little hands grab and climb to the peak! With over 1000 reviews and almost 5 stars, this outdoor toy is a no brainer! Every kid will love showing of their climbing skills, and you will love the exercise and busy kids! Also as one reviewer stated, since the design is fully open air, there is no need to worry about wind taking this guy for a flight! Enjoy.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse!


This tree house is perfect and doesn’t even need a tree! Made for tiny ones that love to be active, I love this one from Step2. They create perfect toys for little ones and I think any kid would love this slide, ladder, and lookout station. Not too tall to make parent uncomfortable, this is a fun and simple toy. The 33 inch slide has just enough length to give toddlers a thrill, but keep them safe. And at only 19 inches the platform won’t give them pause at climbing the included ladder. As with the other playhouse, I just feel they would be awesome to have a Little Picnic table out front, and this one from Step2 is amazing with the included umbrella. I love the natural colors and faux shingled rooftop.  It looks classic, earthy, and perfectly nice for any backyard. Get ready for your littlest ones to have a great time!

Pacific Play Super Duper 4 Kid Dome Tent


My kids have a super colorful tent in their playroom, but I couldn’t suggest buying ours. It has taken a beating and doesn’t look so hot anymore. Plus I wish the size was bigger. But my kids absolutely love it, and still play in the thing all the time. Now that I have found this amazing 4 kid tent from Pacific Play, I may have to make an upgrade sometime. I love the domed design, and that it comes in bright primary colors. The netting on the top make sure that while playing they don’t get too hot, and the large front door can even tie closed! Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun, and since it’s super lightweight simple to carry around on your outings. 58” x 58” x 46” is the size, which should be perfect for a few kids to have hours of creative fun. I love that the floor is waterproof, because your kids will be begging to take this guy outside and have a picnic, so when they spill, cleanup will be a breeze. The included and colorful poles are shock resistant, so it will hold up to high powered play! I love this tent,, and it is on my list of toys to keep in mind! Plus while on sale, super affordable! It’s perfect. Enjoy! Oh and there is a small side door, with roll up door, that I can already see our dog using to join in the fun. Love it. 


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