14 Water Bottles for Thirsty Kids!

Keeping your kids hydrated is important, but getting them to drink water all the time can be a chore. My family loves water bottles and we always have a few sitting around. My husband, kids, and myself all have our favorites and have pretty much converted to strictly drinking water from bottle.

It’s easy, no mess, and keeps you drinking way more water throughout the day. I’ve found that my water intake, when keeping a bottle around, has skyrocketed. I feel healthier, my skin looks better, and I know that I am doing something good for my body. So put down the sugary drinks, get your kids a bottle or two, and get to hydrating! The below affiliate links, hand picked by the busy kids zone, are high quality and you can rest assured we’ve done the footwork for you. You can feel safe that we only pick the best products, and even use a few of them ourselves. Enjoy!

CamelBak Eddy Kids Water Bottle


These CamelBack bottles are our families favorites. We have owned quite a few now, and keep buying more every time one gets lost, destroyed by the dog, or old(which is more me just wanting something fresh) They are sturdy, have tons of styles, and kids love the ease. The mouthpiece flips down to keep it clean and safe. CamelBak has replacement parts for when your kids chews on the top or loses the straw. Also I love that there are a billion different styles to fit any kid. If you don’t want to read the whole list, just buy one of these and move on with your busy life. You won’t be let down by the leader in water bottles. These get the Busy Kids Zone seal of approval!

Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottle


I really like the look of these, and they come in a two pack! Perfect. Plus they are BPA free, PVC free, have a soft bottom for little hands, and a spill proof design.  I have these saved for next time my kids need a new water bottle. These look perfect for our weekend hikes. They are dishwasher safe too, so after your kids drop them and get them completely dirty, there is no worry about chunking them in for a wash. Who has time for hand washing anymore? The best part? They are super cheap! At last check only $10 for a 2 pack. Love it.

Contigo Gizmo Water Bottle 2 Pack


This affordable two pack has everything your kids need in a water bottle. Large, chunky handle for easy carrying. Flip down mouthpiece so they can try and keep it clean and free of germs. Blue funky colors. Its a winner. My kids have had these, and love pressing the pop up button over and over, laughing as it sends water droplets flinging out. These are durable and will do you kids well. They have long straws so there is never an issue of missing the last of their water.

Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle


Nalgene is the granddaddy of great water bottles. We’ve owned tons of their products and they are always high quality and functional. I really like the super sturdy spill proof mouth piece on this guy, and that is has nice indention’s for little hands. I have this model saved on Amazon for when my kids need their next bottles. BPA free of course, so you can feel safe. Also comes in a ton of different colors and styles. This is a winner and a no brainer purchase.

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle


A friend of my sons has this bottle for soccer and I liked the big handle and classic pop out spout. This would be my go to choice for active kids. Double walled construction and foil layer to make sure their water stays cold during the game, practice, or on  a hike. Wide mouth fits ice cubes with ease, and since its a sports bottle the size is perfect and made for fitting into your kids bike bottle carrier. Also made in the USA which is rare, but it’s nice to support companies that employ your neighbors.

Nalgene Tritan On the Fly Water Bottle


This funky bottle from Nalgene has the size and shape perfect for kids. Plus different designs for the most picky kids. It has a huge flip up top and large spout to make getting drinks simple. Since it’s from Nalgene you can be assured its quality. However I do worry about the flip off top getting broken or wore down. If  I had my choice I would choose the earlier Nalgene over this one. The metal clasp also seems to make the opening a bit excessive.

Thermos Funtainer Paw Patrol Bottle


This vacuum sealed, stainless steel bottle from Thermos is sure to keep your kids drinks cold. But what is ever better for the little ones is all the amazing designs available. Thermos has everything from Paw Patrol, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman. If your kid can’t find one they like out of the over 50! designs, then you may be out of luck. Seriously there a ton of styles. I love so many of them and my kids went through everyone trying to decide which was their favorite. They couldn’t, and I now have tons of options. These are great stocking stuffers and birthday gifts too!

Zulu Shorty Kids Water Bottle


This really funky bottle from Zulu is called the shorty, and is perfect for your shorties! I love the silicon exterior. It’s perfect for keeping it safe and easy to hold. This bottle is most definitely drop proof. And the design is super cool. Dishwasher safe and a bit larger than a few of the other bottles at 16 oz, so it’s great for the older kids. The spout is large on these and super neat, and the rope carrier makes it look very distinguished. I can see your preteens and teenagers loving this one. Also comes in 5 different colors. I love the dark gray!

Contigo Thermalock Maddie Stainless Steel Bottle


Another winner from Contigo. This metal bottle is rated for both hot and cold drinks! Love it. You can take your kids out for a winter hike and sneak along some hot chocolate and make the day extra special. Plus the design is amazing! I am a sucker for turquoise and southwest themes, so I would happily buy this guy for my kids. Has a wide mouth that is perfect for little and big mouths alike, haha. Dishwasher safe and has two other designs. They advertise this guy as a perfect fit and say it will fit about every cup holder. If you have had bottles that don’t fit in the car, you know what a pain that can be, so buy this one with peace of mind that it won’t be rolling around on your floorboards.

Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle


Double walled construction and tons of sizes and colors. This is a cool bottle that will keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks steamy for hours. I love the light pastels and slim design. These bottles from simple modern come from kids sizes all the way up to 25 oz, so grab yourself one too! I am always on the lookout for a great workout/yoga bottle and this is a good one. Stainless steel construction makes sure that the bottle is super sturdy, so you can give a beating and it will still look stylish. If a water bottle could turn heads, this one would! Give it a go. Oh and it’s sweat free, so wont become wet and slippery!

Snug Flask for Kids


This flask by snug will fit snugly in your little ones hands and they will love the cool style. At last check it was also on sale for $6.75, so you can’t beat the price. If the price is higher, just wait a bit, Amazon is constantly updated prices. Suitable for hot and cold, I really like this one. Plus it is 16 oz so your kids won’t be begging you over and over to give it a refill. Has a push button top, that fully covers the mouthpiece, so you can rest easy it won’t be filling your kids with germs.

Pogo BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle


This bottle from POGO is super simple and affordable. BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead and cadmium free, which to me means worry free! It has what is advertised as a chug style lid, and that makes me laugh. But it also makes me happy my kids can grab this when thirsty and go to town! At 18 oz it’s one of the largest bottles, but it’s slim design is still great for those little fingers. If you would rather your kids have a straw, guess what? They have the option to swap the chug style lid for a straw style bottle. That makes this bottle a versatile winner in my book. Also comes in 4 colors. 

Reduce WaterWeek Kids 10oz Simply Sweet


Well aren’t these the cutest darn water bottles ever. This is for a 5 pack of 10 oz water bottles, that come with a super easy and simple refrigerator holder. I am really in love with these. You can fill them all, and your kids can always have a cold drink ready and waiting. These are perfect for the busy kids zone, as a busy parent won’t have to worry about constantly looking for their kids missing water bottle or need to keep refilling. But your kids will probably keep grabbing a new one and make you have to do more dishes! The small size isn’t just perfect for toddlers and little ones, but perfect for a lunch box. And one for each school day of the week! Perfecto!

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Classic Sport


My son has this cool bottle from Klean Kanteen and we all love it. The stainless steel design keeps his water cool for a long time and he loves taking it to soccer practice. We have the plain stainless color, but the yellow is super neat. Plus a few other colors, so if you have more than one little guy at home, you can get them each their own unique bottle. The large top will fit ice, and the pop up spout is easy for little teeth to use. I love the clean style, lines, durability of this one. And would definitely but another for my daughter since she grabs her brothers quite often. This bottle has the busy kids zone seal of approval.




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