11 Outdoor Games for the Whole Family!

My family and especially my kids spend a ton of time outdoors. We are always looking for a new game, toy, or activity for those days when the weather begs for you to be outside. I scoured the internet to find 11 perfect activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. Make sure to visit each of these great bloggers and parents pages and give them some views and reviews. I only picked ideas from trustworthy blogs and you can give these the busy kids seal of approval.

I have included a few affiliate links in the descriptions to give you ideas, products, and help in getting your activities ready for your families next outdoor play day. I only link to quality products and your support helps up keep the website running a fresh! Thanks for your support and we will keep up the good work.

DIY Bean Bag Toss


My husband loves the game cornhole, you may have seen the game before with two large boxes where you toss bean bags into them. It’s great fun, but can be hard for the little ones. So this is a super cheap and simple idea to get the kids in on the fun. Plus it will even entertain the adults. If you are super handy you can make your own bean bags, but if you are like me and your sewing skills are lacking, go ahead and order some Bean Bags. That way you can always have some on hand. Other than that all you really need are paper plates. However the Modge Podge Rocks blog takes it a step further and ads a little flair. Your kids will love this game and it will be sure to keep them busy.

GIANT Jenga!


We have been wanting to make one of these huge Jenga sets for years, and  I think the time has come. I want to get a nice basket to keep them in and have it out on our back patio for those summer nights when we all want to be outside. At A Beautiful Mess, they have created a colorful and simple game that will keep the whole family entertained and laughing. Grab a saw and some 2″x 4″s and you will be ready to get to assembling this guy. Other than cutting the wood to size, they recommend 10.5″ pieces.  Then grab some paint and color the ends to make this super funky. Or if you want, just keep them plain. So many choices here. Have fun!

Water Gun Cup Race!


I included another version on this in my camping idea games and it’s perfect for the backyard. All For the Boys gives you simple and easy to follow instructions. You’ll need string, solo cups, and some cheap water guns. Then your family will be ready for some wet and high flying actions. You’ll need something to string them between, so find some trees, posts, or fences. They suggest putting the hole on the cup towards the edge so the cup hangs down a bit further, giving your kids plenty of cup to aim and shoot into. Get ready for the fun, this is an easy, cheap winner.

Oversized Memory Game


Want your kids to have fun outside and learn? Perfect. Dollar Store Crafts has been featured on our site before, and it on the way to being one of our favorites for cheap and crafty ideas. All you need for this game is Poster Board (I linked to multi colored paper, as it would make the game more exciting and help the smallest kids remember better), Sharpies, and a pencil. Easy and cheap! They recommend a  5 x 4 grid, and most should have that much space outside to get your kids learning. Try letters, numbers, colors, or anything you want your kids to learn. Memory is such a great game for little ones and big kids alike!

American Ninja Style Obstacle Course


This obstacle course from Frugal Fun 4 Boys won’t just keep boys busy, but all the kids! Talk about super fun. This is definitely one of the most involved projects on my list, but also probably one of the most fun. It will keep your kids active, their minds busy, and most importantly everyone laughing. Get pen and paper ready, as to make a complete and challenging course you will need a lot of supplies. But don’t worry about it making a dent in your pocket book, as this amazing idea lives up to the frugal promise. I am going to try one of these with my kids, and wear them out!!!

Flamingo Ring Toss!


Sugar and Cloth has taken the old and hilarious pink yard flamingo and turned them into a super fun ring toss game. They have links to everything you need over on their website so head on over and get to shopping. I love this idea, and think it would be perfect for a little girls birthday party. Not only will everyone find it a great laugh, they will have fun playing the game. My daughter loves pink flamingos and I am saving this simple idea for her next birthday.

DIY Tic Tac Toe


My yard is unfortunately full of rocks, so I will have no trouble find enough perfect for this game. If you are lucky and don’t have tons of rocks to space, take the kids out for a hike and let them pick out their own. It will make creating this game more exciting and fun for the whole family. Then grab some white paint and a board to use as the play space, and you’re all set. I would love to pair this with the giant Jenga on my back porch. How cool would that look! Stylish and functional.  Tater Tots and Jello are full of great ideas, and this is a winner.

Make Your Own Tetherball


For some reason I have been saving an old tire, and I think I may have just found the perfect use. I was going to make a tire swing, but we got one of these amazing Swurfer’s so that projects has been put on hold. Simply Kierste has given you an easy to follow and cheap idea to keep your kids active and entertained. We all played tetherball as kids, to varying degrees of success, and it’s still a staple on playgrounds across the world. Now your kids can get a leg up on the competition and get practice in at home. Grab a cheap Ball, tire, concrete, pole, rope and get to crafting. This one will take a little time and work, but be so so worth the outcome. Love it.

Lawn Dominoes


I grew up playing dominoes with my Grandmother, and absolutely am in love with this idea. Not only does Iron and Twine have absolutely one of the best blog names, they have great ideas, amazing pictures, and a perfect website. They have links to everything you will need to create this masterpiece, and you can custom make it to any color you desire. I am however quite partial to the light blues as they are highly featured in my home. This is another perfect patio game, and would look super stylish on your table. Grab another small wicker style basket and keep these on display. Not only will the kids want to play, but so will all your adult guests.

Recycled Bottle Bowling


Moonfrye has found a great way to reuse your old plastic bottles. If you forgo painting, all you really need is bottles and a tennis ball. But I am with the creator on painting all this. Looks so cool.  I think adding just a small amount of sand would help keep the bottles from tumbling around too much, especially if there is any wind. As I know bottles are super light and can take a fall pretty easily. Kids will have a ton of fun, and I can see this be great indoors too. Perfect for a rainy day as well as a nice sunny one!

Huge DIY Slip and Slide!


Everyone loves slip and slides and this simple DIY slide from All Things Crafty is just the ticket. Store bought slip and slides nowadays can be cheap and often burst and get leaks. With this great idea, you won’t have to worry, and if it does. Just patch and make another. This would be amazing for summer birthdays and block parties, or just to blow your kids minds! The directions are easy to follow and the list of items isn’t overwhelming. I bet you can even shave a few dollars off if you are a frugal mom like myself! Make sure to get tear free soap to make the slide extra fast! Have a blast.


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