7 Quick and Fun Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Listen I know how stressful it can be getting your kids a decent breakfast. Everyone is tired, often times cranky, and just wanting to get things moving. But we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the little ones. They need brain food, and you need it to be easy. I scoured the internet and found 7 winners. All easy. All simple. All delicious and filling. A few can be made in large quantities for those that love meal prep days like myself. Some of these may contain affiliate links, that help keep out site running. But only links to products I feel are adequate for my home, thus good for your home too! So here are 7 quick and fun breakfasts for busy kids and busy parents!

Milk and Breakfast Cereal Popsicles


Hold up. This is a game changer. Breakfast popsicles. What? In Katrinas Kitchen she creates crazy good and crazy inventive recipes sure to satisfy everyone. These are undoubtedly making an appearance in my summer before the heat ends. Only 4 ingredients, and full of protein, so your kids will have full bellies to go along with the huge smiles these guys bring. Seriously look at that picture. No look at it. I can’t handle it. You can swap in your kids favorite cereal, and change out the strawberry milk for plain or chocolate as well. These are hands down awesome. Show your kids the picture for these and I promise they will be making an appearance in your fridge in no time.

Egg and Cheese Mini Muffins


Can you make scrambled eggs? Of course you can.  So you can make these simple and tasty egg and cheese muffins. They are really about as easy as a warm breakfast gets, and we all know how good eggs are for the little ones hungry bellies in the morning. The Seasoned Mom knows that you want good, simple, and cheap. So this fits into everyone’s budget and schedule. What I love even more than the taste, is that I can make a ton of these and freeze them for later. So when you are busy, just pop them in the microwave and BAM! warm breakfast in seconds. Even better, throw them on some toast and make a little breakfast sandwich. Do it! Really they rock.

Eggo Waffle Breakfast Pizza


Eggos. Peanut butter. I’m in. I have a weakness for peanut butter, and so does my son so we love these. And fruit on top. It’s a no brainer in my house. We already love eggos with peanut butter, or pancakes for that matter. But topping them with your kids favorite fruit take these to another level. Plus how easy is it to throw some eggos in the microwave, cut up fruit, and slather peanut butter on top. Doesn’t get easier. I love the warm gooeyness of these and it’s a guarantee your kids will too.

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bites


I had to include 2 recipes from Six Sisters Stuff in this rundown, due to their awesome and creative breakfast foods. Like you learned in the above recipe, I have a weakness for peanut butter. So again, here we go. These guys are simple, super crunchy, and sure to fill up those little hungry bellies. Make a ton of these, because everyone in the house is going to go crazy for these little guys. Really, don’t skimp on the recipe. Go ahead and double it. You will eat half of them yourself.  Plus look at the total time to make these little dudes, 12 minutes. Even the most busy parents can swing a few minutes to make these and have them ready for the week. Enjoy!

Oatmeal Energy Bites


I love making my own energy/granola bars, so these are right up my alley. And super cute. I can’t wait to make a huge batch to have laying around for when my kids need a little extra burst in the mornings. Or afternoons. Or evenings. these are perfect. They call for delicious Almond Butter, but you can substitute you guessed it Peanut Butter. I want to try them with both! Buy these ingredients in bulk and you’ll always have the stuff to make them laying around. Which is good, because they’ll be a frequent request. Hip 2 Save suggests trying adding things like raisins, dried fruit, and ground bran cereal. These are so easy to customize to your family, so experiment and find the combo that makes your kids the happiest.

Mini Baked Pancakes


If your kids are like mine, they love pancakes. But it’s not always easy to make them every morning. But with this awesome idea from one of my new favorite food blogs Six Sisters Stuff you can make a bunch ahead of time, plus make each muffin pan row a different flavor! These can be customized so many different ways, that your kids will never get sick of them. I know mine won’t.  I love that you can freeze them and quickly heat them up for those busy mornings. These are an absolute winner in this busy parents book, so give them a taste today! Your kids will thank you once they realize they can request tons of different flavors.

Fruit and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries


There is no way you will be able to have Just a Taste of these awesome little pastries. But I am sure the creator knows that! Your kids will be impressed with your baking skills, and you’ll feel like a real baker with these crazy good and professional looking breakfast pastries. Don’t let the look of these turn you away. They are simple! Plus only need a few ingredients, so they are easy on your wallet as well as the eyes.  I am saving these for when I need to impress! Can’t wait to make a bunch to share and watch everyone think I have secret baking skills. Make sure to get some sanding sugar, to take them to the next level! I keep some on hand for just this sort of thing.


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