14 Super Science Experiments Kids Will Love!

Science! Kids love science experiments and with these 14 easy and DIY projects, not only can your kids have a ton of fun, they can learn at the same time. We have tried a couple of these, and are planning on doing more. Everyone will love getting involved in these experiments, so grab the whole family and get to learning. I suggest (if just for acting the part of scientist) to get your kids some safety glasses, rubber gloves, and maybe even a smock to save their clothes. Enjoy!

Elephant Toothpaste!


Steve Spangler is the authority on kid friendly science. You can often find him on your local news doing the best experiments. So it was a no brainer to choose my favorite project from his website. I watched the video of the Elephant Toothpaste online, and knew I had to try it with my kids. Be prepped as this will make a mess, but the result will blow your little ones minds. Just don’t let them try to brush their teeth with the bright goo! My husband always has a roll of Plastic Sheeting around for various projects, and I suggest using some to cover your work space. Make sure to have plenty of Dish Soap, Food Coloring, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Dry Yeast. Then have a ball! Elephants not included.

Oil & Water Experiment

oil and water experiment for kids 7

Growing a Jeweled Rose is a great resource for fun learning projects.  They have links, ideas, and everything you need to have fun experiments with your kids. Use the food coloring from your Elephant Toothpaste here and you are already ahead of schedule. Kids love the fun colors of these, and they can easily help with all the steps. Watch their little eyes light up as the colors dance around each other and do not mix.  So much fun with this one, we will be trying it out soon!

Grow Your Own Geodes


My son is obsessed with geodes and we have a few of the real thing in his collection.  But I absolutely cannot wait to try this project with him.  We plan on trying it on his upcoming birthday. Not only does Dollar Store Crafts have great ideas, they have your wallet in mind! We all love cheap and fun project! Again your food coloring will come in handy, and also make sure to have Borax and Pipe Cleaners on hand before you start. Then you won’t need much else aside from some fishing line and glasses.  Your kids are going to request this project over and over. It’s a busy kids zone guarantee.

Epic Bottle Rocket


Epic! is the right word for this awesome homemade rocket. We have an awesome store bought Water Rocket similar to this one, and my son loves it. But this idea is cheap, fun, and gets your kids some hands on experience. This  is perfect for those long hot summer days. Frugal Fun 4 Boys isn’t just for the boys, as I know my daughter is all over this sort of high energy and explosive experiment. Duct Tape, Baking Soda, and Vinegar are needed for this one, and you probably already have most of the list of supplies on hand. So get outside and have fun. Just don’t try and shoot this guy off inside!

DIY Bouncy Balls!


I made these as kids, and mine worked amazing. Can’t wait to try them again, as these bouncy balls from The 36th Avenue look way better than the odd shaped ones of my childhood. Guess what? You need more food coloring for this experiment. So really, buy a lot as it comes in handy for more than just baking! Also get a huge jug of White Glue(it will come in handy for another experiment below, so I love the huge bottles), Cornstarch, and the Borax from the earlier Geode experiment. Let these guys set up, and have a high flying amount of fun.  Have a contest afterward to see who can make theirs bounce the highest.

Underwater Magic Sand!


Teaching Mama puts together so many amazing learning tools that I have her website saved for when I need an idea in a pinch. I love this project, and I am sure my kids are going to have fun. We already have Colorful Sand ordered (had no idea colored sand was a thing), and can’t wait for it to arrive. Such a weird and neat experiment. Everything else needed for this simple project you probably already have at home such as a shallow dish, wax paper or tin foil, and water. You also need Scotch Guard and honestly I haven’t had any since I lived at home as a child. So make sure to get some before starting. I love that you can take the sand out and do the project again, so no need to buy any more supplies when you child asks to do this one over and over!

Making Colors Disappear


Food Coloring! Again! Seriously I can’t have enough on hand. Mess for Less has you covered for easy and cheap experiments. This one is definitely cheap and easy. But unlike their website name, this awesome project won’t make a mess. You do need Clear Plastic Cups and a small Pipette so get those ready, and you are prepared for some magic! You can buy 100 of the small plastic pipettes for super cheap, so go ahead and get a ton. You need them for another project listed, and you’ll be happy to have them around for when the mood to experiment strikes. Your kids are going to be amazed by this one, and it’s simple so you can do it over and over!

DIY Moon Sand


My kids received a small set of Moon Sand (very similar to this set) as a Christmas gift and promptly mixed is up and made a huge mess! The stuff is a lot of fun, but I’d rather not buy more. So this extremely simple and cheap recipe from Lessons Learnt Journal  is perfect for those busy little hands. Seriously all you need is Flour (super cheap from Amazon at last check) and Baby Oil and you will be ready to keep those kids busy for a few hours of fun. Oh and you can color with guess what? Food coloring.  Haha. Just get a ton and be done with it. Have fun molding this stuff and try to let the kids play with their moon sand too!

Homemade Flubber!


If your kids are like mine, and well most modern kids, they love watching YouTube. It’s the bane of many parents, but it sometimes gives you great ideas. If your kids have watched any videos, they have surely ask you to make Flubber!(We love that movie!) Seriously every channel makes this stuff and it’s so much fun. My kids and I make this every so often and you can store it for a while, so they can have days of fun. This is a simple and easy recipe from Live Craft Eat, but don’t eat the stuff, and it’s the perfect recipe. They have links and everything you need to make your own, so give them a visit and get to playing. Your YouTube loving kids will think you are the coolest.

Color Changing Flowers

flower experiment for kids 105a

My mother and I did this as a child, and my kids have done it now with their Grandma! Easy and really cool. I don’t even want to say it, but you need food coloring. It’s getting old, I know, but there it is. Then you will need a white flower. Which may be hard depending on the time of year, so maybe save this awesome project for spring or early summer! Your kids are going to have their minds blown when their flowers change into whatever color you let them choose. Make sure to have sharp Scissors to cut your flowers down, then all you need is water and a small vase. Enjoy this beautiful project!

Tornado in a Jar


Hip Home Schooling Blog has so many ideas not just for home schoolers, but every kid! I love this one and my weather obsessed son does too. We have done this easy project before, and he kept the jar in his room for a few days. You will need a Jar with Lid, and I suggest plastic ones for those busy little hands. Your floors will thank you. Then all you need is hairspray, boiling water, and ice cubes. Then watch as the tornado forms and fortunately causes zero destruction! Love this one and you will too!

Kool-Aid Rock Candy

Kool Aid Rock Candy Science Experiment_thumb[1]

Oh boy! Rock Candy! If my sons sees rock candy anywhere, he has to get it. And I usually don’t mind. But making it at home, and from Kool Aid. Wow! We are making this as soon as we can. Growing crystals and having them be edible is an absolute winner in my book. I remember making this as a kid, but they were pretty much tasteless, so these are taking the idea to the next level. Grab a bunch of Kool Aid packs (They’re super cheap) and Wooden Skewers then get to crafting. 123 Home School 4 Me suggests using clothespins to hold the candy in place, but you can use whatever method you like. These take a week to form, so good luck getting your little ones to wait patiently.

Disappearing Egg!


We did this experiment in High School, and I have always wanted to show it to my kids. Now we plan on doing it soon.  Who doesn’t have an egg laying around for just this type of project. All you need to make this eggs shell disappear is a jar, vinegar, and egg.  Simple and cheap. After two days your egg will have no shell and feel like a bouncy ball. Try giving it a little bounce and watch as your kids eyes light up! So much fun and extremely simple.

Apple Volcanoes!


We love making homemade volcanoes at my house, and this Apple one from one of my favorite bloggers The Resourceful Mama is the cutest. These would be the cutest little project for a Halloween party, so save this guy in your favorites. I already included the only two ingredients you need in my above links, so once you have Baking Soda and Vinegar (I always have this stuff in bulk), you will be ready to blow! Add some??? Food Coloring hahaha, and make these extra special! Your kids are guaranteed to be amazed and blown away.


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