8 Great Ways to Make Family Movie Night More Fun!

My family has movie nights at least once a month, if not more. We have seriously watched everything, and are now usually rewatching old favorites. Popcorn and a movie is simple, but sometimes it’s fun to take your movie nights to the next level and make it special. I scoured the internet to figure out ideas to make our watching adventures more exciting and found some great bloggers with great ideas. As always I included lots of useful links, resources and ideas. Give these a try and be a movie watching hero!

Root Beer Floats


A Treats Affair is a great site for getting your sweet fix, and here is one of my all time favorites. Root beer floats are the perfect treat for a summer movie night. Even better if you plan on having that movie night outdoors! I love the idea of using the new small size cans for these, as everyone can have as little or as much Root Beer as they like. This recipe calls for A&W root beer, but of course any will work. I myself and partial to Barq’s when is comes to the big ones, but love trying the dozens of smaller companies when I am able. Grab some ice cream, your favorite root beer, and a some great plastic mugs and get ready for a cool movie night treat!

Cardboard Cars for Homemade Drive In


Wow. These are the cutest thing ever, and  I can see any kid having a blast with these DIY cars for movie night. My husband always save cardboard boxes and has a veritable mountain in the attic. It’s a great idea for when I run across something this cute. The black paper plates are perfect for wheels, and I’d suggest buying them already colored to save yourself some time and headache.  Not Just a Housewife used colors tape to make these really pop, so make sure to have a few colors on hand if you want to follow her directions. If you’d rather save some time and not waste tape, just have your kids bust out the markers and crayons and decorate these amazing car themselves. Fun for everyone!

Movie Night Bingo


I already have these guys printed for our next movie. Such a fun idea, especially if you are like our family and have seen about every kids movie in existence. This amazing movie night bingo from Everyday Cori will breathe new life into your viewing experience, and keep even the most inpatient of little ones occupied. With easy to see shapes for those who can’t read, everyone can enjoy trying to win at this cute movie game. With a ton of great things to keep an eye out, you are sure to find plenty of them hidden among your kids favorite movie, and it will keep their little minds occupied and busy. Plus it doesn’t get cheaper than just printing and marking with your own crayons! Love it.

Popcorn Box Printable


Design Eat Repeat! Don’t worry, you wont have to do any designing with this free printable.  So you can focus on the eating part! We love popcorn and no movie night at our house is complete without some hot kernels. Grab some heavier printing paper, to make these extra sturdy, and get to folding. These are cheap, easy, and super cute. Plus you can skip the extra dishes, and just toss them in the recycling bin once you are finished. A few years ago we received a Whirley Pop as a gift, and have not gone back to making bagged popcorn. They are seriously amazing, and my kids love helping make their own popcorn. Get some popping kernelscanola oil(you can also use coconut oil!), and you are ready to eat! Ooh and don’t forget the butter!

Movie Night Tickets


I love this idea to make movie night a little more exciting. I plan on making some of these and sneaking them into my kids room for when they wake up. They’ll have something to look forward to all day! Mommas Fabulous Playground knows parents are always looking for ways to make your activities more fun, and these are a winner. She has multiple free printables, so you can be sure to find tickets for your kids favorite movies! After they turn in their tickets for movie night, I plan on giving these to my husband to use as bookmarks! I love finding ways to reuse items, and that’d be a perfect use for these guys.

DIY Movie Clapper


Feeling extra crafty? I get the urge to take on bigger projects from time to time and can’t wait to try this guy out. You’re going to need hand tools, wood, paint, and a few other specialty supplies so make sure to follow the directions and get your stuff together ahead of time. Even better try to have an extra pair of hands to help along. I love chalkboard paint, and have used it to great success on multiple occasions. Once finished, this awesome clapper is nice enough to display next to your TV or movie collection. And since it is make with chalkboard paint, you can easily use your favorite chalk to change it up anytime. Oh, and if you don’t have the time or crafty gene, Something On Everything is selling these on their Etsy store, they were not in stock as of this writing though, but you could probably make a special request!

DIY Outdoor Movie Screen


I have been dying to buy a projector for years and maybe it’s finally time to give in. I know my husband is on board, and I could definitely get him to make this easy and inexpensive DIY projector screen. My Frugal Adventures has your movie night and wallet in mind with their project, and I suggest giving this one a try. Projector Screens can be a little expensive, and if you are just wanting to use this a few nights a year, this is the way to go. However if you are wanting to use your HD Projector often I would suggest spending the extra money and buying a real screen. You will need PVC pipe, so head to your local hardware store and stock up. Then grab, as suggested by the creator, a White Drop Cloth, and you will be set for an outdoor adventure!

Popcorn Bar!


My kids think I am crazy for always dumping my box of Reeses pieces or Buncha Crunch into my popcorn. They don’t know what they are missing, but yet still always want some of my candy! Family Fresh Meals not only has your covered on fresh and simple recipes, but easy ideas like this. Just grab some of your favorite candies, popcorn, containers, and get to partying. Make sure to grab some a good variety, and you will be the hit of your next movie night. This is perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties, and neighborhood parties! Everyone will be sure to invite you over for their movie night after you show up with this Popcorn Bar!




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