10 Amazing and Easy Back to School Crafts!

We are a crafting family and I am constantly on the lookout for new projects. These cute and fun crafts are perfect for getting your kids back into the swing of the school year. From cute apples to bookmarks each on is school and learning themed. So grab your paper, scissors, and paints, then get to work! You and your busy kids are going to have a blast, that’s the busy kids zone guarantee. I’ve included a links to all the amazing bloggers who created these cute crafts, as well as a ton of links to items  you’ll need to make your projects go smooth. And as always I have included stuff we use at home, and that have be approved by other busy parents! Enjoy!

A quick note: I love Teachers Pay Teachers! and want to start sharing the link on all my craft blogs. Please take a moment to visit the site and if you have the time and extra cash, give some help to our amazing educators! They deserve all the help they can get.

Popsicle Stick Crayon Friends!


Glued to my Crafts created these adorable popsicle stick friends that your kids are going to love creating. So simple and easy for little hands. My daughter blows through crafts a lightning speed, and these are easy for her to make anytime. I keep a big bag of craft sticks around for just this sort of thing. Grab some crayons and googly eyes, glue, and you’re all set! Oh and you can use the googly eyes for all sorts of things. I have, on a few occasions, snuck them onto framed family photos to see how long it would take for someone to notice. So much fun!

Popsicle Stick School Bus Frame

craft stick school bus 14.jpg

Yep I know what you’re thinking. More popsicle sticks. They’re too easy and you can make so many things with them. Seriously, my kids can keep busy just gluing them together into shapes or seeing how many they can stack. Reading confetti had her kids paint all the stick yellow, which is a perfect busy craft, but you could also cheat and buy colored sticks if you like. These school buses are perfect for the fridge, grandparent gift, and to make use of your kids old school photos! I love these, and we will be making them shortly. The instructions call for small magnets to hang them, and I think you could also add a hanger so they could go anywhere, maybe even as a Christmas tree ornament!

Simple Shape Pencil Craft


My son saw me writing this blog and has officially requested to make a as he put it, worlds biggest pencil! He was disappointed it wasn’t real, but that didn’t stop him from bugging me to make this cute creation from A Dab of Glue will Do! If you’re like me you probably already have a pack of construction paper hidden away somewhere, then grab the aluminum foil (I am so happy to see they make 100% recycled foil now!), glue sticks and go to crafting town! While you are checking out the instructions for this, make sure to check out all her other projects, she’s got a winner of a blog. Also she’s got a Teachers Pay Teachers link and I highly suggest using them whenever possible. Our kids educators don’t get near the paychecks they should, and I love supporting them whenever possible!

Sponge Painted Apple


The Resourceful Mama has a great page full of resources for busy parents like you. This one is super cute, and easy for the littlest ones. Do yourself a favor and be prepared by having a giant stack of construction paper on hand at all times. However, unless you want it to go fast, keep it hidden. My daughter loves to sneak off, with her safety scissors, and cut shapes(which usually means tons of tiny pieces all over the playroom!) I am also considering saving my old sponges, after running them through the dishwasher to disinfect them of course, to use for these sorts of projects. Grab some paper plates and you’re set for a good hour of craft time.

Newspaper Raccoon


My husband thinks he’s so funny calling raccoons ‘Trash Panda’s’ and I have to admit its’ funny, well it was the first few times. But they are dang cute, and this craft is awesome. My only problem is that I no newspaper, I always try to save the random ones that show up from time to time, but they go so fast. Rachel runs, I Heart Craft Things and I saved her site because I heart them too. Luckily Rachel suggests using gray craft paper if you don’t have any newspaper around, and I agree it’s a great idea. Your googly eyes will come in handy, and go ahead and get a big bag of craft poms to make the cute little nose. Have fun.

DIY Bookmarks!


My husband is an avid reader, and loves when the kids make a handmade bookmark. These are super cute, and I can’t wait to see the pink frills hanging out of one of his sci fi books! So cute. I am not sure about the combo of Tater Tots and Jello but I do love their website. Kim is a pro at all things blogging, so visit her bunch of awesome websites, they’ll be worth your time. Get some super cute stickers, some cute twine or yarn and you are pretty much set! I don’t have a laminator, but when I need I use clear shipping tape and cut it to size. So if you also don’t have one, take my word and the tape will work perfectly. The readers in your life are going to love these!

Duck Tape Pencil Toppers


Scattered Thoughts of a Craft Mom has appeared before in my crafty roundups, and judging by the quality of her site I don’t think this will be the last time. She has a link to some amazing and cute duck tape, so be sure to check those out. There are so many awesome kinds now, and you can make great crafts. Both my son and daughter love pencils, I don’t know why, but guess they are fun to collects. So these are going to be making an appearance on theirs soon. Get some super cute pencils and these will be taken to the next level. These guys are really easy to make, so try them out on your next craft day.

Recyled Pencil Holder


After you are done making those cute toppers from the previous post, you  and the kids can make this awesome pencil holder from Twitchetts! All you need to make this is an empty bottle and T shirt yarn. I have never head of or used t shirt yarn, but luckily Twitchetts has linked to a great website to give you all the details. I love it, such a good idea. You could also use colorful yarn, and achieve a great look too! This will look great on your desk, and you can always smile when you think about the fun you had making it with your kids.

College Ruled Paper T Shirts


I am really tempted to make my son one of these cute shirts for his first week back to school. I can’t get over how cute this idea from My Crazy Blessed Life are, and feel blessed for having found this idea. You will need some cheap white kids shirts, fabric paint, and wide painters tape to create these. Your kids can help with every step, as once you tape the shirts, painting the lines is simple! Have them write their own names on them, so you can always smile when you see their cute handwriting. You could also have them write something cute on the lines and really make them special.

Fabric Covered Books


Do you remember having to cover your books in school? I do, and we always used paper bags from the grocery store. Don’t let your kids get stuck with the same boring covers you used, and let them have the best looking book covers in class! Two Twenty One has links and everything you will need to make these covered on her great blog, so head on over and get to keeping your kids expensive school books covered in style. Your kids will thank your for how nice they are, and their teachers will be amazed at your craftiness.



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