14 Lunchboxes for School and Play!

Lunch boxes have changed a lot since I was a kid. I had a paper bag most of the times and my husband used an awesome metal Ghostbusters one. Nowadays they have insulation, pockets, heavy duty zippers, storage, and enough options to make any parent have a hard time picking one out. I went through the hundreds of options available and picked the highlights. These lunchboxes will fit all the food your kids need to be happy and healthy, and look good at the same time. We’ve owned 3 of the of the ones included, so I will make sure to highlight those as they have stood the test of a few years of school for my kiddos.

Olive Kids Lunchbox with Tons of Designs


With over 15 different designs, ranging from trucks to flowers, this simple lunchbox will make every kid happy. I love that there are fabrics that work for both boys and girls, as well as kids of all ages. Some are perfect for the younger ones, but they have styles that older kids will think are cool too. Zippered front pocket and easy to clean. BPA free. This is a perfect and affordable option.

Mier Kids Lunchbox Perfect Size for Backpacks


I love the mesh pocket inside this lunchbox. Great for holding a napkin, small snack, or even a small frozen ice pack to keep your kids lunch cool. Simple style with either green or orange, I love the design. Has a velcro strap inside for keeping a small waterbottle or drink from rolling around. Front pocket, and enough room inside for a full meal, but not too large as to not fit in your child’s backpack. I like this lunchbox a lot.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Small Lunch Bag


This bag from Rubbermaid is perfect for your small rubber containers. Will keep everything in order, smash free, and cool if you ad an ice pack. Has a strap so your child can carry it with easy. Also has two side pockets, with one large one that is perfect for carrying a water bottle. This bag is specifically designed for Rubbermaid Lunchblox but honestly will fit an small containers. But for the price, you can get your child the bag and a set of Blox and they will be sure to have a damage free and fresh lunch!

MIER Double Decker Insulated Lunch Box


Here is a lightweight lunchbox with shoulder strap and carrying strap. I love the floral pattern, and it is stylish enough for kids of all ages. Also love that it has two compartments, so if you choose you can separate your child’s lunch and drink, or any way you choose. Easy to clean, sturdy zippers, and a large top opening that allows kids to get to their lunch with ease. Great price point too, as it was only $13 when I last checked.

Pinnacle Insulated Lunch Bag


Super insulated and comes with its own ice pack and plastic utensils. I like that this lunchbox has a deeper inside and sturdy sides. So you can fit a lot inside this bag and it will stand up to your kids busy and active lives. Comes in black, with three options for the highlight colors.  Simple, dual zippers, and an included shoulder strap to make the trip to the cafeteria a breeze. Check it out.

Skip Hop Baby Zoo Lunchbox


So cute. I included the backpack version of this amazing lunchbox in my Backpack roundup. I love the unicorn, and I am worried if my daughter see’s this bag, she won’t be happy with the one I already bought her. Aside from being cute, it is super functional. The interior is huge, has a mesh pocket to hold extra goodies. Perfect for little hands. Also comes in other designs so you can be sure there will be a cute animal for any child. Plus it’s made by Skip Hop, and they are always a winner.

Thermos Firetruck Soft Lunch Kit


The amount of designs for this Thermos lunchbox is astounding. Seriously if your child can’t find one they like out of the choices, they may have a problem! Seriously though, aside from being cool, they are functional. Made by the classic Thermos company, they are well made and insulated. Each one has a cushioned handle to make carrying by little hands comfortable. This is a great and affordable choice that will make even the most picky children happy! You wont be let down with this lunchbox.

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box


This is the lunchbox my son picked out for 1st grade. He is obsessed with camo, and this bag from PackIt passed my tests. It has built in freezable gel so you can freeze it the night before, and never worry your child’s lunch with be hot by the time they get to the cafeteria. Side pocket is perfect for his water bottle, and I like to sneak a little snack into the front zippered pocket. It folds down flat after use, and is super durable. I love this bag and my son does too! Plus it has a few other designs, so there are options for both boys and girls! Give it a look it has the busy kids seal of approval.

3 Sprouts Lunch Bag


3 sprouts always has really hip and functional products. I love their designs. This lunchbox comes in the classic cube shape, so it has tons of room for anything you want to include in lunch. So go ahead and ad as much as you want. Big strap for easy carrying, and has a write on name tag so you can be assured you kid won’t come home without it.  Three choices of animals including Elephant, Porcupine, and Whale. I love all three and would be happy having one of these for my children.

Fit & Fresh Kids’ Riley Insulated Lunch Bag


This is super cute. I love that it looks like a little purse and my daughter does too. I had to get his for her, as she is obsessed with purses and now she can be just like mommy.  Tons of design options as well. Has a very sturdy and large top opening, with easy to pull zippers and large carrying straps. Plus it is affordable, but looks like an expensive bag. My daughter can’t wait for school to start so she can start taking this to lunch, and your child will surely feel the same.

Nike Paneled Upright Insulated Lunchbox


My son is Nike obsessed and his last lunchbox, which he somehow lost, was very similar to this one. I love these. Super durable and able to withstand a beating. Has great zippers, and two compartments. The bottom pocket is large and big enough for a rubber container. The top has a large front opening panel and a huge interior. The bottom is made from extra strong reinforced fabric, and it comes in a few colors. I love this lunchbox, and it’s perfect for the sporty kid in your family. Also great for family outings.

PackIt Freezable Upright Lunch Box


Here’s another great lunchbox from PackIt, incorporating their built in cooling system. These really are great lunchboxes. I love knowing they will stay cool for the wait for lunchtime. Gives this mom peace of mind. Has a large front zippered pocket, with chunky and durable zipper. Comes in 4 different designs and honestly I’d have a hard time choosing as they are all great. But I really love these monsters, too cute. Fold flat when not in use, and it’s perfect. You won’t be let down by this lunchbox.

Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set


Bento boxes are all the rage in kids lunchboxes, and I love this soft but super strong interior. The outside shell is soft, durable, and cute. Has giant water bottle holder. Inside it comes with a 5 section bento box, with 3 separate lids. This lunchbox is really the best of both worlds, and I wish I had chosen one of these for my kids. One of my sons friends has one and all the other kids think it’s so cool. Even better is comes with a super cute, fabric gel ice pack! This is really the perfect all around lunchbox and while it is one of the pricier options on the list, its worth it!

Bentgo Kids Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box


This is the most expensive option on the list, but look at how sturdy. This will be the last box you have to buy.  Comes with 5 deep containers to keep your kids food separate and safe. So feel free to pack them hummus, yogurt, or anything your busy parent heart desires. Leak proof, dishwasher safe! This is an awesome bento box. It will stand up to anything your busy kids throw at it. Comes in 3 colors too, Purple, Green, and Blue. Also to top it off, the company, Bentgo is pledging to donate $100,000 to charity by 2018, so you can feel extra good about your purchase.  This bento box won’t let you down!




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