10 Kids Smoothies that the Whole Family will Love!

I love smoothies. My kids love smoothies. My husband loves smoothies. Grab your blender, some fresh ingredients, and have a healthy good time with these awesome drinks I have given the Busy Kids seal of approval.  Some of simple, all are delicious. Just make sure to save the recipes, because your family will be asking for these again and again.

Monster Smoothies!


I’m a sucker for all things cute, and these guys fit the bill perfectly.  Over at the Bearfootbaker, Lisa has a lock on fun recipes for your family. Don’t forget to grab big Marshmallows, I am tempted to try these vegan ones as I have some a vegan nephew who I love to cook for. Always use Milk chocolate chips of course.  This one will delight the kids as well as fill their bellies with fruity goodness.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie


Kitchen Fun with my 3 sons! brings you another super cute smoothie.  I may have only one son, but he is going to love this. Chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas would be on my sons list of favorite foods, so this is a no brainer. Grab your favorite chocolate milk, and peanut butter and get the family together for a tasty sweet treat. The decorations are of course optional, but why not give your family the treat of making them super cute.  And who doesn’t always have a box of cheerios just laying around waiting for a rainy day.

Greek Yogurt Berry Smoothie Pop


You can also be a Mom on Timeout after these amazing frozen smoothie pops are finished. These are packed with berries, yogurt, and absolutely simple to make. Your kids will thank you for bringing these out on those long summer days. And you will thank yourself when you get a break. Make sure to have some Popsicle sticks on hand and get the freezer ready for fun. I make similar homemade popsicles every summer, and these will be a must try for my next attempt.

Springalicious Easter Smoothies(Great Anytime of the Year!)


These crack me up, and although they are designed for Easter, they will delight your kids anytime of the year. Amy and Natalie over at Super Healthy Kids know that healthy kids are happy and active kids. So keep your busy kids full of vitamins and nutrients with these. They are perfect for parties,  when you want to take the extra effort to wow your guests. Get some colorful paper straws, markers, poms, and hot glue to take these to the next level. I always have a pack of plastic cups stowed away when doing tons of dishes doesn’t sound like fun, and if you do the same, you and your patience will thank me!

8 Kid Friendly Allergy Free Smoothies


‘Keeping it real in a fake food world’ is the motto of Homemade Mommy! and I love it. Really love it. It’s so hard to keep processed junk out of your kitchen these days, and I know I struggle with that from time to time. Luckily these allergy free and paleo friendly smoothies will make sure you know you are giving your family only the best. I included this roundup because finding allergy free stuff can be tough. So don’t fret and follow these simple and delicious recipes, and be on the way to a healthier family.

Kids Protein Smoothie


After browsing around The Taylor House not only do I have another perfect smoothie recipe, I am inspired to do more! What a great website and blogger. My son is super active, but he isn’t the biggest fan of meat. Which is a great source of protein. So I am always looking for a great way to get him some of the stuff he needs to grow strong. So this is just what we need! Plus it’s delicious. Super filling and full of yum! Get a fancy, but unbreakable mug and your kids will feel like royalty while drinking these.

Tropical Storm Smoothie!


This tropical storm won’t threaten your home, but instead bring a belly full of goodness to your kids. Strawberries, Mango, Papaya, and Carrot Juice. Nothing but healthy stuff here. Really can’t get more healthy than this one. Your kids will have more than enough vitamins after they devour this guy. Yummy Sprout suggests freezing your fruit first to make sure this has the perfect smoothie consistency, so make sure you have a great Blender to get these going. I have that Kitchenaid, and it hasn’t let me down in almost a decade.

Skin Food Smoothie


Fresh Planet Flavor has outdone themselves here. I mean it. Look at that picture, it’s crazy. I need this in my life right now. My husband and son have sensitive skin, and we are always trying to add healthy and skin friendly items to their diets. Aside from keeping both of them taking daily Probiotics, I save every recipe with skin food! This is perfect as they both love avocado and blueberries with a passion. Kiwi, spinach, and BEE POLLEN! make this about the most healthy drink your family will ever try, and I promise it won’t disappoint. Try it today!

Healthy Copycat Unicorn Frappuccino


All I have to do is mention Unicorns and my daughter will be begging to make this with me. Talk about beautiful. Oh and don’t let the bright colors throw you off, it’s also healthy. Purple cabbage takes what could be a sugary treat to the next level and makes sure that you are only giving your kids the best. In the Kids Kitchen encourages parents to get the kids involved in the kitchen and I wholeheartedly agree. They will have so much fun making this with you. I use a professional whip cream dispenser such as this one, and we love it. It’s great to know exactly what is going into your foods, and making your own whipped cream assures that! Grab some Unicorn style Edible Glitter and take this treat over the top!

Watermelon Strawberry Juice


The title of this simple drink from Know Your Produce may say juice, but at its heart its a healthy and simple smoothie. They also suggest using part of it for popsicles, so you know I am in. Can’t wait to try this guy both ways, and neither can my kids. We make watermelon juice on occasion in the summer, and this makes it even better.  My husband bought this amazing Watermelon and Pumpkin tapper for parties and it is a hit! People freak out seeing their drink coming straight out of the melon and I think I may have to try this juice in a big Watermelon next time! Give it a try and impress your friends.



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