Welcome to the Busy Kids Zone!

I am a busy mom and if you are anything like my you have super busy kids. I created this website not only to help others save time and hassle over scouring the internet for ideas, but as a place for myself to have an archive of all the things I love. Crafts, recipes, toys, books, accessories, home goods, and many other great things to help busy parents find what they need without having to wade through mountains of junk.

I have a focus on quality and include tons of items that have stood the test of my family in my posts. So feel free to look around, get ideas, and never hesitate to contact me with questions. We have used many of the products I find and love to share them with my friends and even strangers on the internet. So busy parents with busy kids can always visit my site and know they will leave with a mind full of great ideas and the satisfaction of having the worst part of finding good things done for them.

My site has Amazon Affiliate links that help us keep the site running and assure you that you’re only getting the best hand picked items available. As always do your own research, but know that Busy Kids Zone has made sure our links are only to great items!




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