19 Crafts for Creative Kids!

My kids are super crafters. We love finding new ideas and crafts to keep their little hands busy. I pulled together some of our favorites, and a bunch that my kids picked out to try in the future. You can feel confident that these projects will not only be tons of fun, but be friendly on your wallet.

Alex Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle


Did you know that the inventor of the original pet rock made millions from selling a rock in a box? Well this fun craft from Alex is much better than the original. Comes in an awesome turtle shape, with everything you need to paint a masterpiece. My kids paint regular old rocks from time to time, so well will be getting these soon. I am thinking of covering them in a Clear Coat so that we can place in the in front flower bed. That should give them the protection they need to withstand lots of weather.

Shrinky Dinks!


My kids and I were talking about the crafts I made as a child and one of the first I brought up was Shrinky Dinks. Well guess what? They are still around, and even better than the ones I had as a child. We love these and I guarantee your children will too. Make sure to have your oven temperature correct, and to use a baking sheet for them as they shrink a lot!

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art


When I was a kid in art class we made these all the time with crayons. They were a mess, but so much fun.  I ordered one of these as a fun note pad for me to leave the kids fun little notes.  But they are running out fast, because the whole family loves them. Sit these out on your desk or counter and watch your kids tear through half of them in not time. With 125 they should at least last a few days!

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Butterfly Magnets


These 4 little butterfly magnets from the kids toy masters Melissa & Doug! are the cutest. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I have given this company over the years, but they don’t disappoint. These simple magnets come with stickers, paint, brush and magnets so even the littlest ones can have fun making a magnet for your home. While your ordering these check out the all their other toys. But don’t let the kids see or they’ll be wanting them all.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


We attempted to make a terrarium with just items from the house and it worked. For maybe a few days. Next time we are going to go with a kit that has everything included. I really love the looks of this kit from Creativity for Kids! With glow in the dark stickers, chia and wheat seed, and a plastic jar this is a winner.

4m Crystal Growing Kit


4M has tons of neat experiments for kids. I love this crystal growing kit. My son is obsessed with rocks, fossils, and crystals. His birthday is coming up and I already have this hiding in my closet.  This has 7 different crystal experiments and I can’t wait for my son to try them.

Faber-Castell Make Your Own Water Globes


I was honestly skeptical of this guy holding together when we bought it. You connect the globe to the base with clay, that also acts as a bed for adding your decorations. Well after a few months it is still perfect. And has stood up to my kids shaking it, which made me super nervous. Currently it is on a shelf in my sons room and he love it. So feel safe in ordering this cool water globe.

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Activity Kit


More greatness from Melissa & Doug. Honestly they could take up this whole list, but you probably already know that. We will be making this in the future, guaranteed. My daughter is a fan on anything colorful and girl, so this fits her perfectly. What I really love is the fact that it’s made with stickers. Even little hands can peel and place the sticker into the spaces which are all backed with clear plastic. Once you’re done hang it with the included hanger in a window and watch your kids smile.

Creativity for Kids – Fashion Headbands Kit


Headbands that you can style on your own? Count us in. My daughter is going to love making these, and so will I. The kit includes everything to make 10 awesome headbands.  Creativity for Kids has so many crafts that we are going to try, that I had to throw in a bonus on here. These masks are the cutest. So if you have both a boy and girl, get both to keep them occupied so you can have yourself a short break. But we all know, you won’t be able to resist helping, or more likely asked to help!

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit


Klutz has great crafts that I feel are geared towards older kids. Which is perfect for when they keep telling you how bored they are! We have tons of Lego, and this awesome kit has an 80 page instruction booklet, 30 Lego pieces, and all the items needed to make 10 really cool moving Lego machines! I am definitely saving this one for a rainy day.

ALEX Toys Little Hands Tissue Paper Art


Here is another really cool item from Alex Toys. We have the next item on the list, or rather had, and I love their super hands on crafts. All ages can enjoy creating these easy designs from crushed paper and sticky backed patterns.  With 800 pieces of colorful tissue paper, your kids will be busy for a while creating something worth displaying.

ALEX Toys Little Hands My Giant Busy Box


The Alex Toys My Giant Box, is a giant amount of fun. Both my kids tore through this one weekend and has so much fun. Giant Box has 16 different crafts and all the glue, stickers, dough, tissue paper, and instructions to fully create awesome works of art. I really love the big googly eyes and so do my kids. They make the animal crafts so cool. If you are in need of a second glue stick so multiple kids can attack these, pick up a big pack of washable glue sticks so you are never at a loss.

Melissa & Doug Butterfly Friends Wooden Bead Set


More butterflies and more Melissa & Doug. Oh and check out that link to another perfect craft we love from my favorite toy company. This wooden bead jewelry set is the cutest. High quality is not a stranger to their products and these wooden beads will stand up to your kids busy lives. Includes over 120 beads and 5 color coordinated cords to make beautiful creations. I see myself wearing one of these in the near future, whether I want to or not.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set


Earlier in the list I included a scratch are notepad, but if your kids already used all those why not try this larger set. The deluxe combo set includes 2 scratching tools, 3 frames to display the kids art, and 16 scratching boards.  That equals hours of fun for your kids. I really don’t need to say much more as this is a no brainer purchase. Have fun!



Another blast from the past and this design set is way cooler than the one I had as a kid. Kahootz has tons of Spirograph sets but this one is my favorite. My older one has created some really neat designs and we all love sitting down together and seeing what we can come up with. I always have a good amount of colorful pens on hand, and so should you if you want to take their drawing to a whole other level.

Toysmith Paint-a-Birdhouse Kit


We have this birdhouse hanging from a big garden hook in our backyard. It has stood up to a spring full of rain, and a hot summer. And it still looks awesome. This is perfect for little ones and includes 4 simple paints and a brush to make an amazing home for some of the flying friends at your house. Also included is the hanger and chain, so once it’s dry, you are ready to go. My husband swears by this Crystal Clear Glaze spray paint, that is extra thick and extra sturdy to make your birdhouse last!

My First Origami Kit


I love this origami kit and I think my oldest will too. I also love that it comes with simple instructions and 60 sheets of colorful pages to create really amazing folded paper art. Also includes stickers so that the animals you make will really come to life! Cannot wait to give these a try myself. After you make all these, save the instructions so that you can use your own Colorful Origami Paper and continue the fun for years to come.

Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy


Look at how cute this puppy pillow from The Orb Factory is. What I love about this is how simple it is to create a complex and functional piece of art. The size is perfect, and the included punching tool allows you to attach the colorful fabric is ease. There are over 360 pieces so that your children can create a one of a kind and easy to make pillow. Easy to follow instructions make this a winner.

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art


I bought this for my daughter a few weeks ago while her brother was at camp.  I wanted to keep her entertained since her buddy was gone, and this has been a hit. They both love sitting together and making these simple and colorful little button designs. All they have to do is lay down one of the patterns on the included peg board and go to town. The buttons are large and chunky so even the smallest can be entertained. With 10 different color coded patterns and storage underneath, this is an easy toy to play with at a moments notice.



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