10 DIY Teachers Gifts for Back to School!

Teacher Emergency Kit!


Using one of these little Pencil Boxes, you can create a simple and perfect back to school gift. I love this idea from Timeout With Mom. It’s really my favorite in this list of really strong ideas for teacher gifts.Teachers are busy, often overworked and always underpaid, so I love that this kit contains stuff to make them feel fresh and happy. With tons of great items included in her instructions and a free printable this one is easy to complete with a trip to the store or one session on Amazon. Also this idea is easy to include anything you want, so feel free to customize.

A Jolly Toast!


Trish Sutton is a homemaking guru. And I love this easy and cute idea for a gift. Jolly Ranchers are not only delicious, but they last forever. So try this easy one and give your kids teacher a gift that will give them something to do while grading papers. I love even more that it’s in a reusable cup. So head over to her website and get your plan together.

Thanks ‘A Latte’ Gift Card Holder


We all love Starbucks. And who needs caffeine more than teachers? I love giving gift cards for a teachers gift, but just the card alone is so boring. So give it some style next time and try this free printable from the girls over at SkiptoMyLou is perfect. I love the colors and little string. I will most definitely use this for my next card.

Back To School Teammates Gift


Teaching Madness is ran by a 2nd grade teacher, so you can trust that she knows her stuff. If she says it’s a good idea for a teacher, then take her word for it. Really, go to her site and soak up the knowledge. This is just a simple free tag, attached with string and a little thoughtful gift. Easy and cheap. Just like you want.

5 Printable and Inexpensive Gifts


I love a good printable and over at the HappyHomeFairy she has created 5! These all have a nice theme and all it takes is a quick print, cut, and ad to the item that corresponds with the message. Super easy. Love these and you and your kids teacher will too. I went ahead and pulled some good products to go with these little cards, so that if you decide these are for you, check out my links and you’ll be all set. Without leaving your computer you can get the items that go with the card of your choice an Orange Candle, Kit Kat Bar, Hand Lotion, Instant Coffee, or Popcorn! We love love love the Boom Chicka Pop Sweet and Salty Popcorn I linked, so make sure to get enough. Every time I bring a bag home it’s gone by that evening. No joke.

Apple Ball Jars


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an apple like this keeps a teacher happy. I love this cute container idea from The 36th Avenue. Your child’s teacher will be sure to use this container again and again after eating whatever treat you stow away inside. This idea is for when you are feeling super crafty, so get ready to put in a little more work than the free printables. But it is so worth it. This will let your kids teacher know how important they are to you. Don’t worry though, this craft comes with an easy to follow and complete guide.

Doing Flips Teacher Gift

Flips 3

When you are as busy as me, this is about as easy as it gets. Grab some Flipz, yes I know I linked to the birthday cake covered pretzels, I am a sucker for the weird flavors. Then just attached the free printable they created and boom. You are done. Your teacher is happy. And you can eat that second bag you bought.

Back to School Pencil Vase


This mom over at JugglingActMama has quite a few tricks up her sleeves, so when are you checking out her amazing pencil vase, go ahead and browse all her other ideas.  I love this one so much because it is functional, fits a teacher perfectly, and is pretty easy. You will need a bunch of #2 Pencils, so make sure you follow her directions and get at least 4 dozen! You don’t want to start and not be able to finish this awesome creation. You could swap out the regular yellow pencils for something more colorful, and try these Colored Pencils. The bright colors would be perfect for a kindergarten teacher or if you just love bright things like me.

Nail Polish with Printable


Here we go again with simple and cheap. Get it done and move on with your life! MamaCheaps knows that you are busy and this will get the job done and make your teach smile. With so many colors of nail polish to choose from, you can pick something that suits your child’s teachers personality. She included a free printable, so head over and get your gift finished. And pick up some quality nail polish for yourself, you deserve it, and that color is awesome!

Candy Bar Wrappers


Bombshellbling! has created a bombshell idea. Simple and cheap once again. All you need is printer paper and candy bars. Go ahead and get a few and give your kids teacher a few of these. Then when they open their desk and see your gift, they will be happy. And we all want our educators happy and without empty stomachs. I will admit that I occasionally buy a big pack of candy bars and hide them in my pantry for when a craving or pick me up is needed. So don’t feel bad doing the same, sometimes you just need something fast and filling. Who says it also shouldn’t be delicious. Also who says you have to share? Right?



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