11 Genius Ideas for Camping with Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to camp. So does my husband. Me, well not as much. But mostly due to the immense challenge of keeping kids clean, busy, and happy in mother nature. I’ve compiled a list of great ideas for snacks, activities, and ideas to help make your next night under the stars one to remember, and not one to forget. So get your car packed and take the family into nature with a plan!

Printable Family Camping Checklist


I love a good list and this one by Bring the Kids is as the title says, the Ultimate Camping Checklist. If you follow this checklist I guarantee you will have everything you need for your next trip and more. Print a few and keep them handy, because this is my new go to list camping preparedness. Don’t forget these camping essentials and items that are featured on this list, Natural Bug SprayMy Favorite Utensils, and of course Batteries! (Last year I bought batteries from Amazon and their Basic brand is super cheap and comes in huge quantities. They are now the only kind I buy!)

Glow Stick Ideas for Fun Camping


We always bring Glowsticks! camping, and this list by How Does She give you some activities to do with your glow sticks next time your family is in nature.  I have bought this party pack a few times now and my kids love them. So next time your family goes camping, bring some colorful light into your night, it will be sure to make even those little ones who are scared of the dark have a bright time!

Simple Color Scavenger Hunt


I Heart Crafty Things guru Rachel shows you how to create a simple and fun color scavenger hunt for you next outdoor trip. We love this sort of thing, and always do scavenger hunts on our hikes and camping trips. While preparing for our next trip I decided to buy a Waterproof Notebook so that my kids, who love to make a mess, won’t ruin our prepared crafts!

Dollar Store Camping Kids for Kids


Who doesn’t love getting cheap stuff from the Dollar Store for a family trip. Super easy. Cheap. That’s enough said to convince me. Angela at The Coupon Project has compiled a bunch of great and wallet friendly stuff to pick up for outdoor adventures. This stuff will keep your kids happy and occupied.

Camping First Aid Kit!


Sarah on the Blog has created one of the items I always struggle to keep around and remember to have stocked. A first aid kit! This one is big, durable, and a MUST have for any adventure. I always buy a cheap kit to take, and hate them. They never have what you need or in the quantities you want. But this is a game changer. Get one of these Tackle Boxes and keep it ready to throw in the car at a moments notice. But it’s perfect for stashing away in the house for when, and it will happen, your kids get a boo boo.

Squirt Gun Water Races


I seriously love this little game and it’s so simple, but I can’t wait to try it with my kids. Perfect for those hot summer trips and will keep the kids super entertained. Pick up some of these fun and colorful Solo Cups to give the game a little more fun! Your kids and your free time will thank you.  Oh and don’t forget to get some Water Guns before you leave or your kids will never let you forget!

DIY Camp Bed for Kids


So I have bought many a crappy air matress, and also own some fancy sleeping pads for camping. But this cheap and simple idea will save you a headache and your back. Kids will love having a soft spot to sleep, and paired with their favorite blanket, its a win for everyone. Try these thin and light Pool Floats.

Camping Hand Washing Station


I own two of these Auquatainers for camping and will be creating my own washing station shortly. I always hate the water splashing into the dirt, and the mess my kids are surely to make when it happens. Plus having soap and paper towels at the ready it the best! You will thank Making Memories with your Kids for giving you this lifesaver. I know I am very thankful.

DIY Camping Life Hacks Kids Love!


I keep seeing this water jug and headlamp light all over the internet, and I think it’s time to give it a try. Headlamps are a key to a successful camping outing and we keep a handful around at all times. This list of camping life hacks created by Viralnova are fun, easy, and a sure fire way to make camping exciting for even the most picky kids!

Camping Bingo!


Ok I have a file in my filing cabinet that has a bunch of pre printed scavenger hunts and bingo cards for my families hikes. Everyone loves them and it’s so much fun. Use plain old Printer Paper and boom, you have an activity that will keep everyone busy. Donella from glue sticks and gum drops, has not only a fun website name, but a great idea. So give her a visit and check out all her great ideas.

DIY Solar Oven


Mamaguru has a fun one for you here. I love a good science project and this is a fun one for kids and adults alike. We will be trying this fun activity soon and hopefully creating something delicious in the process. Make sure to have Foil, Scotch Tape, and a Pizza Box and you are good to go! Happy sciencing! That’s a word right?


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