We love sandwiches in my house. But eating the same things over and over can get old, and honestly I just get sick of making them. So if you are like me and need a lunch refresher, check out these awesome and easy recipes. Before you get started why don’t you head over to Amazon Pantry and do yourself a favor, getting a box of ingredients without a trip to the store is a life saver.

Mini Corndog Muffins!


Are you kidding me? Mini corn dog muffins. My kids will eat dozens of these things, and I may have to stop myself from sampling before. Pick up some gluten free cornmeal and organic unbleached flour to satisfy even the most picky palate. My kids love dipping these in ketchup, while the husband  and I prefer mustard and maybe a dash of hot sauce. Make more than you think, because they’ll go fast.

Lunch Bento Box


Talk about easy. Bento boxes are hot and this lunch keeps me cool. My kids love this sort of thing and I do to. Why? Because it’s simple and can be mixed up to include any food you have on hand. This Rubbermaid Lunchbox Kids Kit will make this a hit and easy to store for lunch. Once you make this simple lunch, you’ll be thrilled when the kids request it again.

Pizza Rolls!


Pizza is a hit in every house, especially mine. These are easy, delicious and What Lisa Cooks has you covered. Make them cheese or ad in some pepperonis for some added spice. Want to make the cleanup and baking easier, use this muffin tin to contain each little cup of flavor.

Sandwich Sushi


OK so I know the title says non sandwich lunches, but look at those PB&J sushi rolls. Too cute. Throw in some Kids Chopsticks and the fun will be complete. I love how simple this take on the classic PB&J is, and so do my kids. These are perfect for the non crust eaters too!

PB&J Kabobs


Kid kabobs!. And again I know it’s a sandwich but I make so many PB&J’s in my house that I have to find ways to make it fun again. Buy some skewers in bulk so you always have some on hand. You won’t believe all the uses you’ll find for them once they make their way into your pantry. We love Skippy Natural and why not give this Reduced Sugar Jelly a try. I love giving my kids the low sugar options when available.

Mac and Cheese Muffins


If you have checked out my other blogs, you may have noticed I love muffins. All types! So when I found these amazing Mac and Cheese muffins, they made it onto my weekly list. As always get yourself a durable and easy to clean Silicone Muffin Pan, and make your life as simple as possible. Don’t forget the Fiber Cereal, this sneakily healthy recipe calls for it, and I’d hate for it to pass you by.

Turkey Ranch Club Wraps


Hmm. Is it a sandwich? Maybe. Kind of. But I don’t care. I love wraps. My kids love wraps. Done deal. These are simple, filling, and healthy. See how many veggies you can hide inside and watch your kids gobble them up! I keep a box of Deli Squares Wrappers around for these and burritos, so I can wrap them up and feel safe they will make it to lunch time. Don’t skip these, your family will thank you.

Rice Patties


Crunchy, healthy, and simple. These are healthy chicken nuggets that you can feel good about feeding your kiddos! Make sure to have Jasmine Rice on hand, it’s perfect for this recipe as well as countless others. I love these and so will your family. Get some dipping sauces ready and go to town! Sriracha will make the adults go nuts for these.

Nutella and Banana Sushi


Nutella is a gift from above, so make sure to always keep the large jar in your pantry. My kids go crazy for it, and when paired with banana and tortillas, it’s perfect. You know I love simple and it doesn’t get easier than this. Make these and see how many hours go by before your kids ask for more.

Lunch Box Kabobs


Want to make these simple kabobs even cooler? I have you covered. Check out these Kid Skewers! they are bright, fun, and fun. It’s a great gluten free option, and tell your kids you made them deconstructed sandwiches, they’ll think you’re cool. Well maybe not, but give it a shot. These are also easy to swap with any ingredients you have on hand.

Mexican Pizza


We make these at home all the time. Usually just one layer though, so I am going to have to up my Mexican Pizza game. If you are short on ingredients these are simple to just make with cheese and a few veggies. So don’t worry about having shredded chicken on hand, be happy and just ad cheese!

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth


Maybe save the best for last. Hopefully you have read this far, because these are a winner. Kids go crazy for them. Parents love watching their kids eat apples. It’s a win for the whole family. I love these Mini Mallows! (I know I linked the colored ones, but they are way more yummy! Lemon and Lime!) they are cute in these simple and delicious teeth. Wait until Halloween comes around and use the great colored marshmallows for a spooky treat.




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